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Service Excellence
You're a Gem for Going the Extra Mile

Yasmeen Wally
Community Health Worker I
For her excellent customer service, and for making customers feel welcomed and leaving with a smile. For her professionalism and for being someone I can count on when I need assistance.
- Nominated by Raquel Custodio
Andre Lindsey
Cindy Holland
Jacqueline Taillant
Darine Rodriguez Baker
Damon Powell
Ellen Gill
Alvaro Rivas
Terri Clark
Medical Social Workers
For being recipients of a certificate of recognition from the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. For their outstanding community contribution provided in support of individuals with HIV and AIDS in Contra Costa County.
- Nominated by Christine Leivermann
Jami Daviner
Program Specialist I
For always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our work flow and better serve our customers. For thinking out of the box and leading our team to grow and learn more each day.
- Nominated by Mayra Boyle
Ellen Burke
Occupational Therapist II
For her time, effort, dedication and enrichment to our occupational therapy profession. For enhancing our ability to meet the needs of the California Children's Services population we serve.
- Nominated by Patricia Weisenberger
Vicki Davidson, PHN
For her collaboration with multiple agencies on behalf of very complex pediatric clients. For making the link from tertiary care services to community care much easier for the children and families in her care. For her exemplary follow up and perseverance.
- Nominated by Lisa Frost
Patricia Limon
Clerk-Senior Level
For managing a large volume of fast-paced schedule changes to keep Public Health clinics staffed. For her positive attitude and excellent customer service to her coworkers and the public.
- Nominated by Ashley Carrion

These recognitions originally appeared in the March through June issues of the Director's Report.
Did You Know?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Office of the Associate Director for Policy has launched  new websites to improve population health.  

The Social Determinants of Health: Know What Affects Health  website includes CDC resources for data, tools for action, programs and policies.  

The Health in All Policies Resource Center provides practical tools for collaboration across sectors to achieve policies that impact  community health. 

CDC also recently launched the Community Health Improvement Navigator, a website with  expert-vetted tools and resources to support nonprofit hospitals, public health, and other community  stakeholders throughout the health improvement process.
July 2016
Director's Message
Dan Peddycord, Public Health Director
Public Health Takes Major Step Forward In Strategic Planning
In early June we took a big leap forward toward completing a nearly four-year-long strategic planning effort. With input from leaders across the entire Public Health Division and reflecting on prior work, we have identified four key strategic directions for our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan.
1) Vulnerable Populations
2) Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health
3) Chronic Disease Prevention
4) Public Health Capacity & Infrastructure
In addition, health equity is woven into the plan as a cross-cutting theme. Each of the four strategic directions will be tied to a work plan of actionable and measurable goals. The plan is designed to be dynamic, which will require us to evaluate and refresh specific elements of the work plan at least once a year to help us achieve outcomes. Work is still being done on the goals section of the plan, but let us share the mission statement that emerged from our work:
"To protect and improve the health of all communities in Contra Costa County, by addressing health and social equity through assessment, prevention, advocacy and service delivery."

Tobacco Prevention
Board of Supervisors Supports New Policy Recommendations
On May 24th, the Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed a suite of tobacco control policy recommendations in a staff report, presented by Tobacco Prevention Program Manager Denice Dennis, on addressing youth tobacco influences in the retail environment. After hearing the report and from several community organizations, the Board asked that staff return with an updated county ordinance for final consideration. If adopted, Contra Costa County will have one of the most progressive and far-reaching policies to protect youth from tobacco influences and to help prevent youth from initiating tobacco use in the entire nation.
The policy recommendations include density and location limits for new tobacco retailers; prohibiting the sale of flavored non-cigarette tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices; and restricting the sale of menthol cigarettes within 1,000 feet of a school. The Board of Supervisors is expected to consider the new draft ordinance in the fall.
Great work and a huge thank you to our tobacco prevention team and our partner organizations for supporting strong youth tobacco protections .
Outreach Workers Help People With HIV Get the Care They Need
Nationwide, only 25% of people with HIV are fully engaged with medical care, meaning they are taking HIV medications and have achieved an undetectable HIV viral load. Contra Costa is doing much better than the nation as a whole: 70% of HIV-positive residents have an undetectable viral load. One reason for this accomplishment is the outreach service offered through the HIV/AIDS & STD Program.
Outreach workers like Nicole Lapointe keep clients engaged in their care.
People living with HIV often find it difficult to seek treatment and stay in care. To keep people on track, outreach workers in the HIV/AIDS Program visit clients in their homes, accompany them to medical appointments and coordinate with medical social workers.
Outreach workers also may assist clients with disclosure of their HIV status to sexual or needle-sharing partners and create a relationship with the client that builds on personal empowerment. By supporting clients along the way and meeting them where they are, outreach workers contribute to a system of care where more clients remain engaged and healthy.
During the first half of 2016, 93 clients received outreach services. Of the 57 closed cases, more than half percent were successfully linked to care, meaning they re-engaged with their HIV doctor or medical case manager.
Family, Maternal & Child Health
California Home Visiting Program Reaches Milestone
PHN Jaime Baculpo (right) marks CVHP's 100,000th home visit with a client. (Photo via CHVP.)
On June 27th, the California Home Visiting Program (CHVP) achieved the incredible milestone of serving its 100,000th client and the Contra Costa Nurse Family Partnership Program was at the center of attention. CHVP was launched in 2012 and currently has 26 sites in 24 health jurisdictions in California.

CHVP contacted our Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) to join us on a home visit to document this amazing occasion! CHVP reaching out to us is a testament and acknowledgement to the great work being done by NFP staff.

A special thank you to Jaime Baculpo, a public health nurse with Contra Costa County's Nurse-Family Partnership since the program's inception. Jaime conducted the celebratory visit with CHVP staff in tow on June 24 at the home of her participant, Danielle.

Danielle enrolled in the program during her pregnancy to gain "insight on becoming a mother." Her daughter is now 20 months old.

CHVP staff also took the opportunity to join two of our nurses, Joyce Mansfield and Julie Roone, on home visits in West County. A huge thank you and sincere congratulations to our home-visiting team.
Senior Nutrition
Meals on Wheels Contra Costa - 5 Million Served and Counting
Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa will reach the incredible milestone of delivering its 5 millionth subsidized meal to a nutritionally at-risk homebound elder in the county some time in the next month.
The charitable organization, part of Public Health's Senior Nutrition Program, was established in 1990. The program now delivers 1,600 meals a day to homebound seniors in Contra Costa, according to Senior Nutrition Program Director Paul Kraintz, who co-founded the organization with Bob Sessler. Meals on Wheels subsidizes the majority of the cost of each meal.
In addition to Meals on Wheels, the county's Senior Nutrition Program provides meals to 640 seniors daily in 17 senior centers throughout the county, Kraintz said.
Emergency ResponsePOD
Contra Costa Hosts Regional "POD" Event for People With Developmental Disabilities
Contra Costa Health Services, in partnership with the Developmental Disabilities Council of Contra Costa County, local non-profits and community members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD), hosted a Point of Dispensing (POD) training exercise on June 23rd at the Concord George Miller Center. In the event of a health emergency, life-saving medications would be distributed to the public at POD sites.

The event focused on testing out new screening tools and forms, increasing awareness, and better understanding the needs of one of our most vulnerable populations.
Over 90 Public Health team members and community volunteers -- some coming from as far away as San Benito County -- assisted in screening 182 community members that reflected the full spectrum of diversity in Contra Costa's vibrant I/DD community.

For those who weren't able to attend the event, a webinar developed to address best practices in engaging people with developmental disabilities can be found by clicking here.
If you or your program are interested in outreach and education to, or from, the I/DD Community, please feel free to contact Josh Sullivan of the Contra Costa DD Council at
Transformations in Health
Public Health Supports Integrated Efforts to Transform Health
From early March to July 1st , Public Health took the lead on strategizing and drafting the content for two major competitive grants related to health reform.
In May, we submitted an application for the much anticipated Accountable Health Communities grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. This grant recognizes the social determinants of health and will support efforts to study the impact on health and healthcare services through social needs screening and navigation to community resources. Tracey Rattray and Dr. Nishant Shah took the lead for our Division working with counterparts in CCRMC and Health Leads USA to describe why the county health system is well positioned to be a
gateway to helping address the social needs of so many of our clients/patients. From food insecurity, transportation and utility assistance to housing and interpersonal violence, these are all issues connected to the social and economic determinants of health. The application process was so rigorous that the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) only approved two applications from across all of California -- and ours was one. Many thanks to Anna Roth, Patricia Tanquary, Cynthia Belon and Duffy Newman for their support, vision and for approaching this as an integrated system effort.
Then on July 1st, we submitted a complex and detailed application describing our integrated CCHS system approach to "whole person care." This brings forward one of the most important strategies embedded in the State's approach to managing cost and improving health status. This grant puts front and center the idea that patients who are high utilizers of healthcare services often face a myriad of complex life and social issues -- hence the idea of caring for the whole person. Rachael Birch and Sue Crosby took the lead on drafting our systemwide application and working across multiple divisions, including Behavioral Health, CCRMC & Health Centers and the Contra Costa Health Plan. Their experience working in our Health Care for the Homeless and Public Health Nursing programs afforded unique insights as to how to tailor a comprehensive system approach to supporting the whole person needs for many of our most complex clients. We should hear in the fall if our application for funding is approved.
News Briefs
Funding for Children's Dental Disease Prevention Program
Funding for the California Children's Dental Disease Prevention Program has finally been restored. In signing the recent State budget, the Governor approved the restoration of over $3 million dollars of ongoing funding per year to support children's oral health. The funding will be used to build on and enhance our own dental sealant and dental varnish program. Contra Costa Health Services has long maintained children's oral health as a priority and thankfully has in place the infrastructure to quickly make good use of this enhanced funding.
WIC to Get New Home in West County
Earlier this month, the San Pablo City Council approved a lease agreement with Contra Costa County to build and lease a new WIC clinic on property adjacent to the West County Health Center in San Pablo. On July 12, the Board of Supervisors also approved the agreement.   Construction will begin in the coming months.
msg Closing Comments From the Director
More on POD Event
The POD event (see related story) was truly remarkable. It afforded us a unique and special opportunity to work with an equally remarkable community of individuals with developmental disabilities. I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the incredible foresight, leadership, hard work and commitment from Josh Sullivan, Kim Cox, Jeremey Horan, Gerald Tamayo, Erika Jenssen and Bill Sorrell in organizing the event and working in partnership with the developmentally disabled community. I am humbled and extremely grateful. 

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Dan Peddycord

Public Health Director

Contra Costa Health Services