July 2020
Message from the CEO
By Jose Rivera

After three months of COVID-19, I feel exhausted and yearning to return to the “old normal,” even while I realize that it may never happen. I’m sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Thank you for being late
Why is this? Why are we all so exhausted?

As it turns out, it may be related to the dramatic effort required to cope with the change imposed by the pandemic on all fronts.

In 2016 Thomas Friedman summarized in his book, Thank you for Being Late , the thought of Eric “Astro” Teller, the CEO of Google’s X research and development lab: “Even though human beings and societies have steadily adapted to change, on average, the rate of technological change is now accelerating so fast that it has risen above the average rate at which most people can absorb all these changes.”

Message from the Chair
By Luigi De Bernardini

We have just past the first half of one of the most incredible and challenging years we have ever lived.

Looking back over the last few months, it’s incredible how many things changed and how many challenges we faced. We had to make hard decisions. We had to react in the best way to many unknown situations. We have been afraid for ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities. 

Call for SIs to join workgroup on remote access
By Jose Rivera

The pandemic has provided a dramatic demand for remote access to plant assets/machines. While the concept is straightforward, implementation poses multiple practical challenges (e.g., Do you still require an operator to be at the machine? Are there OSHA regulations to follow?).

OMAC, the organization for machine automation and control that CSIA has regularly collaborated with, has set up a working group to address this immediate challenge.

Spencer Cramer, President and CEO of ei3 Corporation, a CSIA partner, has been tasked to lead this workgroup of machine builders, end users and system integrators.

CSIA is supporting this initiative in the following manner:
  1. Inviting SI members to join the workgroup. If interested, contact Mark Fondl.
  2. Inviting members to participate in a survey organized by PMMI to establish the current state within our industry: Take the survey.
  3. Inviting members to join a webinar called “The Future of Remote Connections and its Importance for System Integrators,” which outlines the specifics of this workgroup, along with it goals and intended deliverables. This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, at 10:00-11:00 a.m. CDT. Register now.

We look forward to having a solid CSIA representation at this important workgroup.

5 essential actions integrators can help customers take now
By Matt Wells

Now more than ever, system integrators’ customers are experiencing unusual changes to product demand. It may be a dramatic cut in demand, or it might be a huge spike in orders. Customer businesses may also be experiencing supply chain disruptions. And of course, new hygiene practices to protect against the spread of COVID-19 have added layers of complexity to production processes.

As both a manufacturer and an expert in digital transformation technologies, GE understands many of the decisions these customers have had to make. We see the ripple-effect operational decisions have on short-term production agility, and, the long-term opportunity these unusual circumstances present.

New CSIA mailing address: Update your records
CSIA has a new mailing address. To ensure timely communications, smooth transactions and, most importantly, that your member benefits continue uninterrupted, make sure you and your accounting and operations departments update their records to reflect the new address. It is:

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The phone number (847-686-2245) remains the same.
Evolving perspectives: Capital markets and industry updates
By Clint Bundy

As we all continue to adjust, evaluate, learn and experiment with a changing economic landscape because of COVID-19, it is evident we are being challenged in multiple ways.

The Economist recently predicted the U.S. will experience a “90% economy, which will be smaller than that which came before, and it’s new strangeness will be more than a matter of size.” (1) Global forecasts continue to remind us there is no case study to follow that shows the best path in our emerging “normal.”

It is clear that the safety and welfare of employees and clients remains a top priority in stabilizing work environments. Juggling phased reopening strategies, working with government officials on what constitutes an essential business and developing new business models are calling for strategic planning and decision making for all businesses.

Bundy Group is committed to ongoing involvement with all levels of these emerging changes, and as we continue to work with clients, investors, industry experts and colleagues to support these emerging directions. Furthermore, we will continue to share these insights with friends and colleagues along the way.

Congrats to the 2020 CSIA Award Winners
The 2020 CSIA Awards Ceremony held virtually in May announced this year’s winners.

They are:

Watch the full ceremony here or read more here .
Navigating business issues during COVID-19: How data analytics can uncover key trends
By Ben Smith

The  COVID-19  threat has created uncertain conditions for individuals, families, businesses and the broader community. While concern for public health is necessary, the government’s action to prevent widespread transmission has had a significant impact on many companies.

Data analytics and your business
The stay-at-home orders and forced business closures have resulted in a drastic reduction in demand for goods and services, requiring many businesses to carefully review cashflow and financing opportunities to help survive the COVID-19 emergency. While lines of credit and loan opportunities are essential, there are other important steps businesses can take to proactively manage their situation. Data analytics can help businesses understand cashflow issues, invoicing opportunities and optimal inventory management strategies.

To help decision-makers understand how data analytics can deliver critical business insights, Clayton & McKervey has provided a summary below.

System integration…by the numbers
By Don Roberts

Over the past 5 years, the SI industry has seen a total revenue growth of 115% or 17% CAGR . . . not a bad investment right!

At Exotek , we have been working with the CSIA Statistics Committee to review some longer-term metrics. Thanks to your contribution of data to Pulse, we have a pretty good set of data from which we can begin our analysis. In this article, we offer some of our initial insights. And together, with the committee, we intend to create a more extensive report of the findings. Further, with the help of Clayton & McKervey, we are tying our findings to some of the industrial indicators to which they have access.

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M&A Corner
By Lisa Richter

The past few months have been active on the M&A front for the industrial automation industry with the following transactions:

If you have M&A information that has been made public, contact CSIA Industry Director  Lisa Richter  for consideration in the next issue. Disclaimer: M&A Corner is not intended to be a source for breaking news but a place to get caught up on recent deals.

Lisa Richter is industry director of Control System Integrators Association in Chicago.

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LATAM Update / Noticias de LATAM
Values and talents of a leader in times of crisis

By Carolina Casas Anzola

Throughout time, there has been a gradual loss of values such as: respect, empathy, solidarity, commitment, gratitude and attitude, among many. When one talks about leadership, these values must be considered as talents and/or abilities of the leader. They must be practiced, demonstrated and transmitted to the whole team. Today, I propose that we begin a journey to transform traditional leadership into emotionally intelligent leadership; rescuing and practicing those values that have been stored in the trunk of our memories.

De valores y talentos de un líder en tiempo de crisis

Por: Carolina Casas Anzola

Durante el transcurso del tiempo se ha notado una gradual pérdida de algunos valores como: respeto, empatía, solidaridad, compromiso, gratitud, actitud, entre tantos. Cuando hablamos de liderazgo, estos valores deben ser considerados como talentos y/o habilidades del líder, los cuales deben ser practicados, demostrados y transmitidos a todo el equipo. 

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