NESP DIGEST: Fall 2017
Putting Ecosystem Services Research into Practice
A new article published in the journal Ecosystem Services is authored by experts engaged in the National Ecosystem Services Partnership. It discusses how to make ecosystem services research relevant in practice.
October 17 Webinar: Ecosystem Services and National Forest Policy
In response to growing interest in ecosystem services, the U.S. Forest Service is identifying needs and opportunities to incorporate an ecosystem services approach into its programs and activities.  In a webinar sponsored by the National Ecosystem Services Partnership, Robert Deal and Nikola Smith of the U.S. Forest Service discuss their report Integrating Ecosystem Services into National Forest Service Policy and Operations, Tuesday, October 17, 1:30-2:45 p.m. ET. Deal and Smith will discuss additional opportunities and needs and will summarize some of the ongoing efforts to integrate ecosystem services into U.S. Forest Service policy and operations. This webinar is free, but  advanced registration  is required.
Canadian Ecosystem Services Toolkit
Watch the recording of our August webinar with Susan Preston of Environment and Climate Change Canada. She discusses the structure and utility of the Canadian Ecosystem Services Toolkit.
New Federal Resource: NOAA Green Infrastructure Effectiveness Database
Search this   online database of literature sources containing information on the effectiveness of green infrastructure to reduce the impacts of coastal hazards. The database contains records from a wide range of sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, online tools, and gray literature, and it includes information on 32 coastal green infrastructure types.

Updated Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory
Environment and Climate Change Canada has just released an update to their Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI), an online searchable database containing over 4,000 summaries of environmental and health valuation studies. EVRI facilitates literature review and the application of benefit transfer techniques for policy analysis and research, including benefit-cost analysis.
The "Rewilding" of a Century-Old Cranberry Bog. The New York Times, July 4.

Paying People to Not Cut Down Trees Pays Off. Inside Climate News, July 20.

San Antonio Provides Financing for Source Water Protection. Conservation Finance Network, July 20.

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October 25-26. Bridge Collaborative Launch Event. London, United Kingdom.

October 26-28. Land Trust Alliance Rally. Denver, Colorado.

November 5-9. Ecosystem Services Session at the Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation Conference. Providence, Rhode Island.

November 27-28. World Forum on Natural Capital. Edinburgh, Scotland.

December 11-15. Ecosystem Services Partnership World Conference. Shenzhen, China.

January 24-26, 2018. International Land Conservation Network Global Congress. Santiago, Chile.

December 3-72018. A Community for Ecosystem Services (ACES). Washington, D.C. 
Director of Ecological Restoration. MA Department of Fish and Game. Boston, Massachusetts.
Chief Conservation Officer. Ducks Unlimited. Memphis, Tennessee.
Senior Economist. World Resources Institute. Washington, D.C. (negotiable location) 


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