Quarterly Newsletter
A message from our Superintendent
Supporting people is crucial... even when it's difficult
Our mission is to support people to successfully live, work, and learn in the community. It was those tenets that Teresa was focused on when she took one particular individual on her caseload. This person, whose name will not be revealed but for the sake of this story will be called “John,” was recently released from prison and has a felony charge.

Though his return to society was laden with challenges, Teresa was relentless in her efforts to support him.

Thanks to her assistance, his tenacity, and the natural supports of his family, “John” has successfully held a job, improved his credit score to purchase a vehicle, and is now pursuing the opportunity to live on his own.

With recidivism rates in Ohio estimating that nearly one-third of people convicted are likely to re-offend, John’s success is a victory in more ways than one.

“He’s gotten his quality of life back,” said Teresa. She knew taking on someone with John’s background would be a challenge but she also recognized the importance of doing her best to support everyone on her caseload.

“If I were in his place, I would want someone to do their best for me,” she said. And so that’s what she did.

Teresa says she had to learn a lot from trial and error. When he was first released, John had Social Security but almost immediately, he lost that and was without an income. She said she spent hours working with him and Social Security to get that reinstated to no avail.

Additionally, John struggled to find work. He didn’t have money to pay for his prescriptions, he didn’t have insurance or Medicaid. One by one, Teresa worked with John to help him reestablish himself.

In the beginning, Teresa says John was going into a depression, he couldn’t sleep and was really struggling. Teresa was real with him. She acknowledged his struggles but also pointed to all the ways he was so fortunate. His natural supports kept him from being homeless, for instance.

Now, she says, he feels he’s been given a second chance. “He has a second chance of life and he’s grateful to everyone who helped him along the way."
What a celebration we had!
After the tumultuous year we all just endured, there is a lot to celebrate.

We can all acknowledge, it was a difficult year. But because of that, or maybe in spite of it, we were witness to countless instances of everyday heroism. So many stepped up to continue to make Butler County a better, safer place to live for people with developmental disabilities. It was in celebration of those heroes that we gathered on Thursday, June 24 at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields.
We were thrilled to have Local 12’s Kathryn Robinson as our Emcee and Teddy Kremer as our keynote speaker.

About 40 people received the Community Impact Award for their extraordinary efforts in supporting people with developmental disabilities.
In addition, six special awards were given.
Young Pioneer Award: Brandy & Matt Schliesman
We've moved!
We have consolidated buildings and now strictly operate out of the Janet Clemmons Center, 282 N. Fair Ave., Hamilton, 45011.

The Janet Clemmons Center – previously known as Fair Acres Center – is where the Board initiated services for children and adults with developmental disabilities in 1973. This is the site where it all began.

Over the past two decades, the Board has transitioned out of providing direct services to adults as private agencies now offer options across the county. Our employees on staff have reduced with these changes so we can return to operating out of the building where our mission first began. The projected annual savings will be $150,000.

Our lobby is now open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Masks are not required to enter the building but if you feel more comfortable meeting with masks on, please feel free to make that request. We are here to serve you and will accommodate accordingly!
Thank you Gov. DeWine!
We are very appreciative to Governor Mike DeWine and his team for everything they've done and continue to do for Ohioans. That's why we sent him a thank you gift earlier this year. Check it out in the video below.
Upcoming Events & Opportunities
The Future is Now
Tuesday, September 14, and Tuesday, September 21

The Future is Now is a two-part series designed to help caregivers and their family members make plans for the future and gain the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.

Sessions are from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Lunch is included. Participation is limited to 8 families.
Join SpeakUp
Our self-advocacy group for ages 16+ needs you! Join us via Zoom or in-person to hear about important topics that impact you and learn how to make a difference for yourself and your community!

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6 - 7 p.m. Contact Courtney Hineman for more information at crhineman@butlerdd.org
Art Competition!
Inclusive Housing Resources, together with Partnerships for Housing and Housing Network of Hamilton County, is hosting an art competition! Prizes include: a 4-pack Kings Island trip, restaurant gift cards and movie streaming gift cards!

There is no cost to participate and IHR will provide 50 art kits on a first-come, first-serve basis. The kits will include 16x20 canvas, paint, brushes, a mixing tray, and an apron. The theme of this project is “What home is…”.

Their tenants will start receiving their kits on 8/2/21 and will open up access to other members of the local DD community starting on 8/16/21. Participants will have until 9/17/21 to complete their projects. Artwork will be collected on 9/20/21 and will not be returned. Projects must be on a 16 x 20 canvas. 

Artists from InsideOut Art Studio will determine which artwork will be awarded. Awards will be given at the art show on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at Inclusive Housing Resource’s office in Sharonville from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided. Our office address is 11150 Woodward Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45241.

To participate. please contact Jared Jaworowski by August 2nd at 513-552-0621 or email jjaworowski@inclusivehr.org.