| Winter 2019 |
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Program Highlights
After School Program

Total participants 66
Total activities 50
Average attendance 37

Food Bank

Total i ndividuals served 333
Families served 333
Total meals given 12,660

Older Adult Program

Total participants 212
Total activities 43
Average attendance 25.7

Wellspring Shoppe

Households served 409 unduplicated
Individuals served 1,270 unduplicated
Total items distributed 8,824
Average items per household 21.6

Did you know that...?
...7 out of 11 census tracts in Wellspring's service area are food deserts?

In fact 1 in 3 people in Allen County live in food deserts.

Nearly 52,000 neighbors in Allen County are considered food insecure of which 18,000 are children.

Not only are children vulnerable to food insecurity, so are seniors. The Community Harvest Food Bank saw their SeniorPak program double in demand from 2017 to 2018. Food insecurity doesn't discriminate and impacts us all.

For the closest food pantry to you, click here.
1 in 3 in Allen County live in Food Deserts
Wellspring Happenings
Mission Moment 
Trinity English Lutheran Church provides Dignity Bags for our Wellspring Shoppe clients. Volunteers from Trinity English Lutheran Church fill 200 bags with personal hygiene products for the entire family throughout the year. Clients are grateful and so are we for Trinity English's continued support of Wellspring.
How can you help?
Regardless of one's circumstances, everyone deserves
dignity and respect.

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Fort Wayne's central city residents.