3rd quarter
Summer Shoutout
Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission:
Create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.  
Congratulations to all our 2019 graduating "Bigs & Littles"...  
Alyssa Taylor
Andrea Byers
Ashley Frattali
Brenden Blevins
Carter Dosch
Cole Baker
Dakota Fisher
Ethan Garrett
Evan Hannon
Felicia Salsberry
Izabella Fernandez
Josh Cheney
Melanie Hupp
Nick Andrews
Olivia Brewer
Skylar Taylor
Sydney Johnson
Sydni Mack
Tashia Tracy
Taylor Rominger
- Badges 4 Baseball
Started June 11 - July 31
Officers - Chris Andrews
Maysville Latchkey
Eastside Ministry
Zanesville Civic League

- Monthly Match Activities
July 13th- Heath Pool
August 3rd- B2School Cookout
September 21st- Horse Back
Riding \

Wednesday, July 24th - 5pm
-A nnual Appreciation Banquet
August 7th, 2019 - more info. to come.

-Back 2 School
August 2019/2020 school year
Lunch Buddy Recruitment
We are pleased to share our new staff member...
National Conference

BBBSZ Staff recently attended National Conference in Charlotte, NC.
Executive Director, Jenni Masterson and Program Director, Sawyer James shared some details of their trip.
James says, "A lot of updates coming our way this year for safety trainings and upgraded standards. We had a great time networking and met a lot of new friends sharing the same mission!"
Summer Fun Ideas...

Click on the pic below for ideas for you and your little this summer!
Scholarship Winners

Congrats today to our 1st award recipients of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Scholarship! These "Bigs" have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work throughout the past year and we are pleased to acknowledge their achievements! Thanks again!!

Winners: Kyra Young-ZHS, Andrea Byers-MidEast, Alyssa Taylor-JG, Evan Hannon-Cambridge HS & Sydney Joseph-Maysville HS .

The students were very thankful for the scholarship, but also very thankful for the opportunity to be a big.

Highest Fundraisers for Bowl For Kids' Sake 2019!
Thank You!
These amazing partnerships through Bingo have helped us make our mission possible...

Helping all youth achieve their full potential.

Charitable Bingo helps us, help kids!