Winter 2023 Newsletter

A Note from Our Board President:

Undercover Care Partners

Have you seen the show Undercover Boss, the reality series that follows high-level executives as they slip anonymously into the rank-and-file of their own organization to examine the inner workings of their operation? While I haven’t been anonymous, I have had the privilege of seeing the inner workings of Care Partners Hospice and Palliative Care and I have been extremely impressed with all they do to ensure “Exceptional Care Without Exception”.

I started working for Care Partners in 2010 as a community outreach manager where I was able to represent Care Partners in the public. In 2018 my Mom was a patient of Care Partners so I was able to see how staff cared for my mom as a patient and our family. I have been a board member since 2014 serving on various committees where I have seen how hard staff works to ensure patients and their families get the best care possible.

I have attended the weekly interdisciplinary meeting where a patients team member meets to discuss plans of care for each patient. The care shown by the staff, the desire to do what is right for the patient and his or her family and the camaraderie among staff is heartwarming.

When my Mom was on hospice the staff was always available to us. Her nurse came on a minutes notice when we needed her when I know she was supposed to be in a mandatory meeting. Her aide was so gentile with her and made her feel special every time she visited. The social worker went above and beyond with my dad as he was struggling. Each visit by Care Partners staff made my family feel surrounded by care, support and love.

After a patient passes a family member gets a survey to see how the care for their loved one was. Each quarter representatives from all disciplines of Care Partners (including volunteers and board members) scrutinizes the data to see what they did well, where they need improvement and how they scored against other hospices nationally and locally. If they need improvement a plan is created and implemented as Care Partners strives to provide the best care for patients and their families as possible. If you get a survey, please respond, your feedback is important!

When Care Partners says they provide “Exceptional Care Without Exception” I can attest to that. I have seen their exceptional care from many angles and it’s true. This “Undercover Boss” is impressed with the operations of Care Partners. I am proud to be on the board of directors and would recommend Care Partners to anybody needing service. They truly are the best!

Volunteers Needed

Do you have a heart for people? Do you want to make a difference in someone's day? Our volunteers play a vital role in our organization. Without the help of people like you we could not provide this important service to our community. By providing bilingual volunteer support to our Spanish-speaking hospice patients and families, you’ll be bringing comfort and compassionate care to those that need it most. 

Volunteer Roles:

• Share your mutual love of music and art

• Companionship for patients

• Support Art and Music Therapist

• Provide a break for families

• Play music or create art with patients

• Take patients on outings

• Create a memory book

Training: Volunteers are crucial in the daily operation and success of our not-for-profit organization. Volunteer orientation is offered three times per year. Our training process ensures that volunteers are knowledgeable and confident as they enter their volunteer service. 

Did you know?

Hospice can be provided in many settings — a private home, nursing home, assisted living facility, or in a hospital. Many people choose to receive hospice care at home so their friends and family can visit as they wish. Other considerations may include one’s home environment vs. another setting, cost, and stability of the person’s condition. Choosing where to receive hospice care is a personal decision, but it may be helpful to talk with family members, your caregiver, or your doctor about the level of care you need and if it can be provided at home.


New Monthly Series

The Illuminating Series is brought to you by the Oregon Nonprofit Hospice Alliance (ONHA). ONHA affiliates proudly put collaboration above competition to ensure that the benefits of nonprofit care are accessible to all Oregonians. We believe we are stronger, together. Our mission is to inspire engagement and lead the community in the innovation and delivery of exceptional end-of-life services.

Dementia Patients Less Likely Than Others to Receive Hospice Care

Patients with dementia are less likely to receive hospice in their last month of life than those who have other diagnoses, 12.5% compared to 17.3%, a recent study has found.

The six-month terminal prognosis requirement is at the crux of the issue. The Medicare Hospice Benefit initially was designed around the needs of cancer patients...

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National Care Givers Day



Illuminating Series - Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

12:00pm - 1:00pm



Illuminating Series - Caring for the Caregiver

12:00pm - 1:00pm

How you can help.

We not only offer exceptional comfort care in hospice, but now we've added specialized programs - not available at any other Portland-area hospices - designed for the most common causes of life-limiting illnesses: cancer, heart failure, chronic lung disease and dementia. Our staff receive extra training so they can give the best care according to the latest guidelines for these conditions.

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We value diversity and attempt to create a welcoming environment to all. Looking for a dedicated individuals have talents and abilities in one of the following professional fields:

  • Finance or accounting background
  • Medicine and/or health care
  • Geriatrics and/or long-term care
  • Grants, fundraising and development
  • Donor relations
  • Nonprofit alliances (shared services)
  • Outreach and communications
  • Home care
  • Data analysis and research”


Unlike all other forms of healthcare, hospice and palliative care are reimbursed by a flat daily payment. This means that giving extra care costs the hospice more, and is a key reason why non-profits may be willing to provide more care than for-profits.

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