EMSC Performance Measures 6 & 7 Assessment

This assessment will be virtually the same as the assessment completed for these two performance measures in 2010-11 and as part of the Pediatric Readiness Assessment in 2013.  This assessment will consist of 16 total questions.  We estimate that it will take ED Manager less than 10 minutes to complete.  Data collection to to begin in April.  

EMSC Performance Measure 6: The percent of hospitals with an Emergency Department in the state that have written interfacility transfer guidelines that cover pediatric patients and that include the following components of transfer:

  • Defined process for initiation of transfer, including the roles and responsibilities of the referring facility and referral center (including responsibilities for requesting transfer and communication).
  • Process for selecting the appropriate care facility.
  • Process for selecting the appropriately staffed transport service to match the patient's acuity level (level of care required by patient, equipment needed in transport, etc.)
  • Process for patient transfer (including obtaining informed consent).
  • Plan for transfer of patient medical record.
  • Plan for transfer of copy of signed transport consent.
  • Plan for transfer of personal belongings of the patient.
  • Plan for provision of directions and referral institution information to family.  
EMSC Performance Measure 7:  The percent of hospitals with an Emergency Department in the state that have written interfacility transfer agreements that cover pediatric patients. 

Want to help ensure your department is prepared to efficiently transfer sick and injured children?  This tool kit is here to help! 
The Interfacility Transfer Tool Kit for the pediatric patient is available to help ensure that hospitals and providers have the information and resources needed to move a sick or critically injured pediatric patient from one facility to another facility during a complex and stressful pediatric patient encounter.  

If your hospital has completed the the National Pediatric Readiness Assessment in 2015 or current, your hospital will not be asked to complete this assessment.

Have a question? Please tweet    @IndianaEMSC, FB at  Indiana Emsc,  or via email to  margo.knefelkamp@indianapolisems.org.
EMSC 01 Performance Measure is the degree to which EMS agencies submit NEMSIS compliant version 3.x data to the State EMS Office.  This new prehospital EMSC Program performance measure began in 2017.  

Beginning in 2018, new regulations require all  Indiana  EMS agencies to submit d ata directly to the state database, ImageTrend.   Indiana has created the Data Dictionary and has begun collection of 225 data elements.  Access to uniform data will spur quality improvement in pediatric emergency medical and trauma care.  

Additional questions should be directed to the EMS Data Manager, Angie Biggs at abiggs@dhs.IN.gov or by phone 317-232-2227. 
Do you know someone that goes above and beyond for children, or has done something extraordinary for a child?  Please nominate your pediatric hero by completing this nomination form and emailing to margo.knefelkamp@indianapolisems.org
23 Indiana Hospital Emergency Departments have completed the Pediatric Readiness Re-Assessment
The assessment can be taken on any mobile device, and a GAP report is available post completion that allows hospitals to view their current score against their previous score with visual indicators of areas for improvement. You complete at http://www.pedsready.org

5th Annual EMS MEDICAL DIRECTORS' Conference   
SAVE THE DATE: Friday April 27th, 2018 Location: Ritz Charles 12156 N. Meridian Street Carmel, IN 46032 8am-5pm.

IEMSC Program Director, Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein will be presenting state and national EMS Survey results regarding the use of pediatric specific equipment and identified pediatric emergency care coordinators.  

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