Disaster and Mass Casualty  Preparedness
The  Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) recently held 3 Joint Regional Partner town hall meetings to promote disaster preparedness collaboration. 

IDHS and ISDH provided attendees an overview of planning and operations, training and exercise, and state and local coordination within each state agency.  Critical areas for collaboration; Healthcare Coalition (HCC) Preparedness Plan, District Public Health and Medical Risk Assessment, District HCC Resource and Gap Analysis, HCC Response Plan, and Response Coordination.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions via note cards to a panel discussion including: Bryan Langley, Executive Director IDHS; Dr. Kristina Box, State Health Commissioner, ISDH; Dr. Michael Kaufmann, State EMS Medical Director, IDHS; and Lee Christenson, Director-Division of Emergency Preparedness, ISDH.

Of note, Dr. Kaufmann, State EMS Medical Director urged Pre-Hospital Providers to become more involved as schools  continue to be a target of violence. EMS providers in the school setting, instructing CPR and Stop the Bleed to students, parents, and educators is key to preparedness.   Attendees were also encouraged to include Pre-hospital providers to participate in their local Healthcare Coalition to build response  capabilities .  

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EMS Agency Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator
This fall iEMSC will host 3 focus sessions with EMS agencies who have identified a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) to discuss:

1. Responsibilities of the PECC.
2. Barriers to PECC implementation.
3. Pediatric-focused quality improvement.
4. Developing and implementing pediatric guidelines/protocols.
5. Best practices in conducting pediatric skill assessment.

Interested in participating or have additional questions please contact margo.knefelkamp@indianapolisems.org
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security Emergency Medical Services Commission approved for EMS agencies to identify a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator on the EMS Provider Agency Application.

This revision will start on any new or renewing EMS provider agency starting January 1, 2019.  The  Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) is a designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care.

The PECC should be a member of the EMS agency and be familiar with the day-to-day operations and needs at the agency.  If there is a designated individual who coordinates pediatric activities for a county or region, that individual could serve as the PECC for one or more individual EMS agencies within the county or region. 

Roles that the individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care at an EMS agency include:
  • Ensures that the pediatric perspective is included in the development of EMS protocols; 
  • Ensures that fellow EMS providers follow pediatric clinical practice guidelines; 
  • Promotes pediatric continuing-education opportunities; 
  • Oversees pediatric-process improvement; 
  • Ensures the availability of pediatric medications, equipment, and supplies; 
  • Promotes agency participation in pediatric-prevention programs; 
  • Promotes agency participation in pediatric-research efforts; 
  • Liaises with the local emergency department pediatric emergency care coordinator or other designee
  • Promotes family-centered care at the agency.
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Labor of Love Summit 2018  "Healthy Babies Start with Healthy Moms"
Wednesday November, 14, 2018. Location: JW Marriott, 10 S. West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Registration is now available. 

For more information please visit Labor of Love, Helping Indiana Reduce Infant Death 

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