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To all of you who so faithfully pray for and support Beit Immanuel Congregation here is brief summary of our activities for the first quarter of 2014. May you encouraged as we think of all that the Lord has done for us.


We held an important Yad b'Yad leadership meeting with Dima and Sarah Tretiyakov and Eliel and Lydia Fos the new young leaders of the German - Jewish youth exchange. Rachel Birnbaum a dear Messianic sister and long time Yad b'Yad participant was appointed as administrative assistant to help with the growing need for organization and correspondence. This summer we are sending a youth group to Austria for the first time. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated for this exciting adventure. Yad b'Yad link

Our dear friends Hans and Rita Schultz from Germany organized a generous contribution to help with the Yad b'Yad program.

We held a Couple's Seminar with Larry and Lorrie Russell from Shephard's Heart Ministry. They brought their many years of experience working with couples here in Israel to help spouses experience more intimacy and unity in their families. Larry also delivered a powerful message to the men in the congregation about the dangers of pornography. It was a challenging and refreshing weekend for all.

"Empty Hands" ministry gave a seminar for women who have lost a child through abortion. This is a need often overlooked in the lives of a growing numbers of people.

David did a TV interview for CFI on "How Messianic Jews view Circumcision." This in light of some European countries outlawing this ancient Jewish tradition. Circumcision like all of our rich Jewish heritage is important to preserve and protect in spite of the modern anti-faith, even anti-Semitic opposition. CFI link

It was a blessing to reunite with the leadership of Prayer for Israel, a prayer ministry supporting the local believers in Israel since 1969. Ken Burnett who had overseen this important prayer network passed away last year. Ken had been a long time friend to Beit Immanuel and it was encouraging to renew that friendship with the new leaders of this world-wide prayer for Israel organization.


I participated in a gathering in Jerusalem to discuss the place of the Lord's Supper in our Messianic communities. These conversations are an important contribution in helping us understand our calling as Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua. There is a need for serious biblical study in a process of open dialogue to better understand our journey as Jewish and Arab believers living in the land of Israel.

At our bi-monthly early morning Men's Prayer Breakfast we continue to focus our prayers for our families and how we can be better husbands and fathers (of course while we prayed one of the wives make breakfast!).


The dear sister who prepares our breakfast and also makes the food for the children on Friday evenings discovered that she has a cancerous growth. The whole congregation has come along side in practical support and prayer. Three weeks ago she gave a glorious testimony to God's touch in her life and has now received a doctor's confirmation that the cancer is in submission!


At the Children's Teachers Meeting this month Hadassah talked about getting the youth involved in teaching the smaller children, providing opportunities for children to meet with kids from other congregations and encouraging our kids to share in the Friday services with songs, dance, Torah portion and Kabbalat Shabbat.


Dotti Solomon came by for a visit and shared the vision of Messianic Jewish Israel Fund to help fund job training for believers trying to support their families. This is a wonderful project and we recommend your support. The MJIF provided a scholarship for a sister studying to be a nurse and a young mother in training for a career in business administration.


Late Night Prayer Meeting focused on salvation for the people of Israel, the government, youth in the country and needs in the congregation.


Our yearly Purim Party is always s special time for fellowship, fun and family. This year we read a dramatic presentation of Esther's Scroll for all the family.


Cowboy Lazarus I had the privilege to visit dear Christian friends at Bono Baptist Church in Texas. These are a hard working and dedicated people, strong in their faith who have built a wonderful community based on biblical values. It is inspiring to see them care for their lands and for their nation. Though on the ranch I stayed one of the heifers fell into the swimming pool! After helping the rancher pull her out I was immediately crowned First Jewish Cowboy of Texas (and that ain't no bull story either)! These dear folk have built a school for their children and a lovely country church and community center for worship and fellowship and a food pantry for needy families in the area. It was an honor to share fellowship around God's word with them. (Special thanks to Greg and guys that took me out golfing!)


We were once again blessed by our dear friends Joy and Allen and Team from Lismore Christian Family Fellowship, Australia. They worked in the kitchen, cleaned the guest rooms, visited the sick and needy, cared for our children and generally blessed us!. Joy spent a day with our women helping them draw closer and more intimate with the Lord. Colin meet with the Youth at the beach. We went with them on some trips around the country including a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. For me the most moving moment was celebrating together the Lord's Supper at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. We experienced a deep time of personal confession in the presence of Yeshua's ultimate sacrifice of love to forgive us of our sins.  


At our Annual Congregation Meeting Aleksey shared about beginning a 14 week course on how to disciple new believers. The materials are in Hebrew and Russian compiled for a course he studied at the Israel College of the Bible



We always seem to have the best young people volunteering at Beit Immanuel! And once again, it ended in a wedding! Our dear Emil who grew up in the Congregation since he was just a little boy met his dream girl when Anna volunteered for a year at Beit Immanuel.


Our friends from Altensteig, Germany joined us for a special worship service and a celebration of the Lord's Supper. Brothers Wolfgang has taken up the reins of the ministry of Johannes Fascius who passed away last year. These dear Christian brothers and sisters carry a deep burden for Israel and the Jewish people and once again brought a loving gift of support for the needy ones in our midst.


Spring in IsraelPassover was beautiful in Israel this year. It seemed as though the whole country was out and about enjoying the beautiful countryside. Here are some poppies which were popping up all over the country this year. This was taken in Binyanina near where we live.


A young girl from an Ultra-Orthodox girl from religious family has fallen head-over-heels with the Messiah Yeshua. This is a relatively rare occurrence as the ultra-Orthodox are a very closed society. In fact, she grew up only speaking Yiddish because the Ultra-Orthodox refuse to speak Hebrew except in the synagogue for prayers. Please keep her in your prayers as she grows in her new found faith.


My most popular blog this quarter was Rabbis Reconsider Jesus, a summary of how Jewish attitudes towards Jesus are changing.

Beit Immanuel is a family oriented ministry demonstrating the blessings of our rich heritage as the people of Israel together with our New Covenant commitment to Yeshua and the Spirit-led life. We are a community here to serve the people of our nation.

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