Tennessee Invasive Plant Council
June 5, 2017
Our Mission


To protect Tennessee's unique natural heritage from the ecological and economic harm of invasive plants through research, education, and policy. 

Belinda Ferro,  TN-IPC Vice President
Letter from the Vice-President

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring and is welcoming the summer season. I personally spent the majority of this spring clearing English ivy from the trees and ground on part of my property. It is far from finished and I am sure it will be a long-term and sometimes frustrating effort. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when battling invasive, non-native species but watching that ivy die is putting some spring in my step. I even discovered a native trillium hiding under the mat. It is now liberated, I am happy to say. For me, it's about the little victories. So, even if you stay home and work on backyard projects that help fight invasive species and encourage native yards, you are doing a great deal of good for the environment. It really adds up. Celebrate that.
We have a few important announcements. Hard-working TN-IPC Board member Adam Datillo has compiled a revised list of invasive plants and is currently sending it around to experts to solicit their input. When that process is complete and the list is refined, you will be able to see it on our web-site. We think it is much improved. Thank you Adam!
We gladly welcomed new Board members David Adams and Katy Kilbourne but said goodbye to another. Alix Pfennigwerth left the great state of Tennessee to accept a job in Moab, Utah as a biologist with the United States Geological Survey. We are thrilled for her success but she will certainly be missed.
The Board voted to move from a membership based to a donation based organization. Donations can be made on our web-site or at one of the events we participate in throughout the year.
It is with mixed feelings that I share the following news. The TN-IPC Board has voted to discontinue this newsletter and this will be our last installment. I believe the newsletter was a good idea whose time may have passed. We certainly have a broader reach than ever before through our updated web-site, Facebook page and Twitter account so, we have decided not to duplicate efforts. We hope you will understand. If you haven't already, please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up with the latest TN-IPC updates, relevant news and resources about invasive, non-native plants. We will also keep our web-site updated going forward.
Thank you for your interest in and commitment to native plants.
All the best!

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