RAP Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 27 – July 2020 
Hello everyone!
I hope you are all safe and healthy. As we are entering the fourth month of RAP staff working remotely, adhering to the Governor’s Guidelines in response to the COVID -19 Pandemic. In other words, we are adapting to “the new norm”. 
In this regard, we have taken some measures to ensure the safety of our employees, tenants and customers. The RAP Board recently adopted the Riverside County Safe Reopening Guidelines:
Also, we have added building signs to direct everyone to wear masks in all common area spaces, and we are restricting access to certain rooms. We have reduced the number of people that can use our meeting rooms.

Although we had planned to “open” our facility to more activities on July 6, the recent increase in new COVID-19 cases will delay our plans to do so until at least July 20th. However, we will monitor the conditions before making a final decision.

In the mean time, RAP staff will continue to work remotely. We all can be contacted by email. The meeting rooms can be reserved so long as the new rules are observed. 

Now I would like to share with you some information about other recent actions taken by the RAP Board. 
The RAP Board has allocated grants to the following organizations:
  • The three Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHCs): Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, Borrego Health and Desert Aids Project.
  • Consejo Federaciones Mexicana (COFEM)Training
  • Occupational Development Educating Communities (TODEC)
  • Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC-CV)
  • Inland Equity Partnership
  • Alianza
  • Lift to Rise’ Economic Relief Housing Assistance Fund (RAP has partnered in this effort with the Desert Healthcare District, the United Way of the Desert, The County of Riverside’s Housing Authority, and many other community organizations.)
For the last two months, RAP staff has been learning all there is about Foundant, our new Grants Management System which will be used for applying for Cash Grants and CNA Grants.

We are pleased that we will be ready to launch our new online applications as of July 1st . Check out our Website to learn about our funding opportunities and how to apply. 
In addition to our software improvements, we also completed another major capital improvement project. In order to be in full compliance with ADA requirements, the RAP Board initiated the Parking Lot and Sidewalk ADA Project approximately two years ago . Thanks to Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, we were able to receive the full CDBG funding of $250,000 needed to complete the project this month. Therefore, we not only have a nicer looking exterior to our facility, we also have a place that is much more accommodating to our disabled customers.
Applications Open in July for Riverside County
Program to Help Nonprofits
By V. Manuel Perez, Riverside County Supervisor and RAP Foundation Board Member
This July, Riverside County is launching an assistance fund that will provide grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to the nonprofit community throughout Riverside County.
As a life-long resident of the Coachella Valley, I admire and appreciate the work local nonprofits do to address community needs and fill the gaps in the economy and society. Unfortunately, this pandemic has impacted nonprofits in their capacity to support their organizations at a time that their services are needed more than ever.
For these reasons, I am very proud we worked to include the non-profit sector as a key area for financial support, through federal funding Riverside County received for the county’s response to the pandemic. The Board of Supervisors has allocated $5 million to create the Riverside County Non-Profit Assistance Fund, which will provide funding to more than 400 nonprofit organizations.
The Inland Empire Community Foundation will administer this fund, with an online application opening on July 1.  For updates, click on the button below.
I know that these times have been difficult for all of you, your families and the residents we serve. I want to thank you for your hard work and for stepping up every day to improve lives and help those in need.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact my office at (760) 863-8211 for concerns and assistance.
By Karina Rios, Community Services Manager

As we continue to work remotely through the COVID-19 public health crisis, I want to share some exciting news about The James Irvine Foundation Re-granting Funds for The Immigration Rights, Communications and Deportation Support is a focus once again for this special funding. 

However, this year Mental Health services will be an additional focus area.
The James Irvine Foundation recognizes the need for financial support in this area due to increased anxiety, depression and other symptoms experienced by our immigrant and mixed status families. The RAP Board acknowledges that funded organizations are eager to receive support to continue their work in serving our immigrant community to navigate a complex system and obtain the various resources they need to not just survive but to thrive.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with The James Irvine Foundation to re-grant funds to organizations working hard to make a difference in the Coachella Valley by helping our Immigrant residents. We will also continue our collaboration with Health Assessment and Research for Communities (HARC) to provide additional data on the collective impact these organizations are making in the Coachella Valley communities.

We will keep you up to date on the results.
By Stephanie Minor, CNA Director
Foundation Directory Online is a research tool that helps nonprofits find the grant makers most likely to fund their projects. The Center for Nonprofit Advancement is providing temporary, free, public access to YOU for the next several weeks, while the pandemic is affecting our onsite location in Palm Desert.
If you have any questions, please contact our CNA Services Manager, Christine Demonaco, via email at CDemonaco@RAPFoundation.org
UCR Nonprofit Management Certificate Program Graduation 
On June 5 th , RAP had the honor of participating in this year’s graduation ceremony to celebrate the ten students that completed the 35 week Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. The virtual graduation ceremony included UCR’s Dr. Kevin Vaughn and Dr. Kasey Wilson, Faculty: Bill Ballas, Julia Bennett, John Epps and Jenai Morehead, RAP Staff:  Stephanie Minor and Leticia De Lara, and this year’s Student Representative Kraig Lee Johnson, Executive Director of Jewish Family Services. 

The class started last Fall with regular classes and was forced to switch to virtual classes this year. However, this change did not diminish the student’s enthusiasm nor their ability to form bonds with each other through shared experiences. Thank you to the families of the students, some of whom joined the graduation ceremony, for supporting the students through this period of extra work and less “fun time”. 

Congratulations to the students for your dedication to completing the program and your commitment to building the capacity of your respective nonprofits in order to better serve your clients. 
RAP was pleased to partner with the County of Riverside to distribute 50,000 masks, disinfectant and cleaning supplies to nonprofits in the Coachella Valley and Blythe communities. 

Nonprofits were notified in an E-blast from our Center for Nonprofit Advancement (CNA) of the supplies, and we carried out the distribution on June 26. Due to a limited supply we had to restrict the number of nonprofits. 

We were successful in getting these much-needed supplies to the nonprofits which continue to serve our clients during this difficult health crisis. 
The Board and staff of the Regional Access Project (RAP) Foundation are particularly saddened by the passing of Patricia Corky Larson in June.
Corky was, after all, the motivation behind the formation of RAP.

Troubled by the unmet needs of residents of the eastern portion of the County in the areas of health, mental health and juvenile intervention, she devised a unique method of funding which would capture a portion of sales tax generated by the proposed Costco center north of Dinah Shore. That revenue stream has, for nearly three decades, provided RAP with the financial resources it needs to make grants to client nonprofits and to offer them education on a wide range of topics, including nonprofit board development, grant writing and sustainability.

Without Corky Larson, there would  be  no RAP, and we are eternally grateful to her for the gift which keeps on giving.