Volume Four, 2019
Biotechnology Potato Partnership
Science Based Answers to Sustaining Farmers, Solving Hunger and Securing Our Planet
Growing Capacity Fosters Collaboration and Strengthens Partnerships
By Janet Fierro
The Feed the Future Biotechnology Potato Partnership, managed by Michigan State University (MSU), recently concluded biotechnology capacity building activities with project partners in Bangladesh and Indonesia that have not only built scientists’ skills, but have also strengthened collaboration and research networks.

Through the creation and execution of a “practice” confined field trial (CFT), the U.S. project team was able to collaborate with the partner countries to develop CFT standard operating procedures to address biosafety for the trial that will ensure global regulatory compliance once the genetically modified (GM) material is in country, and to develop study plans and protocols for trial design and management, late blight evaluation, and agronomic data collection. 

“Practice” confined field trial in Bangladesh prepares researchers for genetically engineered potato trials. Photo courtesy of K. Hokanson.

 GMO Fact Check
Statement: GM technology is too new to know what the long term affects are.

Fact: Biotech crop adoption entered its 24th year in 2019 in 70 countries. In 2018, 191.7 million hectares of biotech crops were planted*. Newsweek reported that an analysis of more than 21 years of research in approximately 6,000 peer-reviewed studies showed that GMO corn increased crop yield by up to 25% and also had health benefits as it decreased the amount of food contaminants.

*Source ISAAA brief 54
World Potato Congress Announces Webinar with Feed the Future Biotechnology Potato Partnership Project Director Dave Douches,
The Feed the Future Biotechnology Potato Partnership is excited to announce that the World Potato Congress has selected the partnership's project director, Dr. David Douches and the project as its first webinar topic of their 2020 series. The webinar, titled "Durable Late Blight Resistance to South East Asia" will presented on January 24, 2020 at 09:00 AM Easter Standard Time (U.S. and Canada)

The World Potato Congress (WPC) is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer directors and international advisors representing potato jurisdictions around the world working to create opportunities by facilitating communication and information sharing throughout the potato community. To learn more and sign up for the webinar please click the link below.
In Your Kitchen ... Papa a la Huancaina
Time to celebrate the history of the potato with this recipe from the tuber's homeland of Peru.

The recipe makes a great appetizer. It features thickly sliced boiled potatoes covered in a cheese sauce - sort of a macaroni and cheese featuring potatoes - WOW!
This recipe and complete history of Papa a la Huancaina can be found by clicking the link below. It is from the website; 196 Flavors, 196 Countries. A World of Flavors.
The Feed the Future Biotechnology Potato Partnership is a five-year,
$5.8 million multi-institution cooperative agreement with USAID
to introduce bio-engineered potato products in farmer-preferred varieties
into Bangladesh and Indonesia. The biotech potato offers
broad-spectrum stacked gene resistance to late blight ( Phytopthora infestans ), the most devastating potato disease in the world.
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