Annual Housing Report Released
2018 Report Now Available!
This year's report features information on Housing Department programs, community indicators, and more! Visit our website to read the entire report.
Current Projects Update
Mercill, W. Kelly, W. Snow King, Grove Phase III
105 Mercill Avenue. This project , located on Teton County-owned land, will result in at least 22 homes for our local workforce. On June 26 the Housing Supply Board interviewed the four project finalists. If you missed the meeting, you can watch it online here . Next Steps: A staff report that summarizes and analyzes each of the four finalists will be posted online July 10th. The BCC will consider awarding the project at their July 16 regular meeting.

440 W. Kelly Avenue. This project is a partnership with Roller Development and Tack Development and will result in 12 to 16 homes for local working families. Next Steps: The BCC and Town Council will consider this item at a special meeting July 22nd. The staff report and revised designs for the project will be posted online by July 16th.

400 W. Snow King, aka: Parks & Rec Housing. This project will bring 26 rental units online late this year. These units will be available to Town and County employees.

The Grove Phase III. This project is a partnership with Teton Habitat. The next eight homeowners are working hard on their new homes and we anticipate their units will be ready by early 2020!
Affordable & Workforce Units Leasing Now
Hidden Hollow Accepting Applications
Hidden Hollow Phase 2 will welcome tenants in early 2020. The development team is currently accepting applications for the following:

  • 6 Affordable Rental Units - Tenants must meet income and asset requirements and work full time for a local business. Lease rates range from $537 to $1,699 per month depending on unit size and income range. 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units are available.
  • 23 Workforce Rental Units - Tenants must work full time for a local business and earn 75% of their household income locally. Lease rates range depending on unit size. 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units are available.

Please contact Hidden Hollow directly for more information.
Rules & Regulations Clean Up Scheduled
Elected Officials to Review July 22nd
The rules than govern who lives in deed restricted housing and to what standards that housing is built are scheduled to be reviewed by the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners on July 22nd.

Key topics that will be discussed include:
  1. Should all adults residing in a restricted unit (other than approved renters) be required to be on title to the home? Should this only be a requirement for Affordable units?
  2. Should owners of Affordable units be required to wait one year before moving another person in with them?
  3. Should the minimum occupancy requirements be changed?
  4. If a homeowner meets the minimum employment requirement of 1,560 hours worked per year at a local business, should s/he be required to occupy her/his home a minimum of 10 months per year?
  5. How should a Local Business be defined for the purpose of determining whether a household is locally employed?
  6. Should there be any other school positions included in the definition of “Teacher” such as counselor, front desk personnel, early childhood caretakers, etc.?
  7. Recommended changes to the deed restriction templates.

Members of the public who have interest in these items are encouraged to attend the meeting and to provide feedback directly to the elected officials. A staff report outlining each policy question and a staff recommendation will be posted on the Housing Department website July 17th.
Westview Townhomes Groundbreaking
Join Us July 9th at 11:00 AM
Westview Townhomes will break ground on 16 Workforce Ownership units and 4 Market Ownership units this month. Please join us on July 9th at 11:00 AM to celebrate Jackson's newest deed restricted project. 1255 West Highway 22.
Welcome to our Newest Home Owners!
This quarter we welcomed four families to home ownership through our programs: Mo Murphy, Bailey & Blake Morley and their child, Stefanie and Wes Womack and their children, and Nate Siegler. Please join us in sending a heartfelt congratulations to each of them! Link to our Weighted Drawing Results by Year .