Draft Housing Supply Plan Released
Council and Board to Consider for Adoption
Each year the Housing Department produces a 5-year Housing Supply Plan that specifies the amount, type, and location of housing production and preservation projects and programs. The plan also discusses community indicators, the current pipeline of units, funding, and community outreach.

The draft Housing Supply Plan will be presented to the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners for their consideration on April 8, 2019 at 2pm. There will be an opportunity for public comment at this meeting.

Employer Housing Survey Released
Responses Due April 12, 2019
The Housing Department is working to connect businesses and organizations who have an interest in partnering with others to secure safe, stable housing for their employees. If you are interested in participating, please complete this short survey . In early May, the Housing Department will hold a series of round table discussions to move potential partnerships and projects forward.

Learn more about this and other housing opportunities in the draft Housing Supply Plan.
Two Requests for Proposals Released
440 W. Kelly Ave + 105 Mercill Ave
The Housing Department released two requests for proposals to develop workforce housing this quarter: 1) 440 West Kelly Avenue and 2) 105 Mercill Avenue. These projects will result in the creation of at least 37 new deed restricted ownership units.

Currently, there are four capital projects on which the Housing Department is working that are in some phase of development and one housing project that is being led by the Jackson/Teton County Parks & Recreation Department. In total, these projects represent at least 109 deed restricted units. 

Learn more about these and future projects in the draft Housing Supply Plan.
Rules & Regulations Update Scheduled
Elected Officials to Consider Updates to Rules
After 16 months of public outreach, the Housing Rules and Regulations were adopted July 2, 2018. Significant changes were made to occupancy requirements, weighted drawings, and livability standards.

Annually, staff will review the Rules and Regulations and identify any upgrades or clean up necessary. For this year, staff plans to bring all "clean up" items to the Town Council and County Commission on June 3, 2019 at their Joint Information Meeting. Most of these items are minor, however two key issues will be raised:
  1. Occupancy requirements
  2. Definition of a local business

The Housing Authority Board will discuss these potential changes to the Rules and Regulations at their May 1, 2019 board meeting. After that meeting, Housing Department staff will draft a staff report and recommendations that we will provide the Council and Commission to inform their discussions at the June JIM.

Link to complete Rules and Regulations .
Homeowner Spotlight
Meet the Stephens Family

Josh and Nadya Stephens recently purchased a home through our program. Josh grew up in the area and Nadya has been here for 20 years. Together, they have two sons.

Learn more about the Stephens Family here.

Welcome to our newest home owners!
This quarter we welcomed two families to home ownership through our programs: Sonia Hernandez Susano & Aaron Carrillo Ramirez and their two children and Mary & KC Bess and their two children. Please join us in sending a heartfelt congratulations to each of them! Link to our Weighted Drawing Results by Year .