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April 2017

Gray Matters in the Workplace  

Creating an Aging Friendly Workplace

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is the aging workforce. For businesses to remain competitive, employers need to harness older workers' knowledge while keeping them healthy, vital and productive. 

Other News

CPH-NEW Pilot Grant funds -- Are you looking for funds for a small pilot research project relate to Total Worker Health? CPH-NEW will issue a request for applications in summer for projects starting in early fall. Read more about the CPH-NEW pilot grant program.

Past Events:

Community Engaged Research Conference
CPH-NEW's Laura Punnett and Suzanne Nobrega presented posters with Working on Wellness program partners and evaluators at the UMass Medical School on March 3, 2017.

CPH-NEW 3.0 Webinar 
If you missed this Jan 18 webinar, you can view the recorded presentation to learn about new CPH-NEW research, TWH resources, and how to engage with the Center. 
Upcoming Events
MA Working on Wellness webinars: 
The Expert Series

April 19:  Community Supported Agriculture: Supporting & Increasing Fresh Food Access

April 28: Mobile Markets: Accessing Fresh Fruits & Vegetables on Wheels

May 2: Well Building Standard: Creating Healthy Spaces

May 10:  No Sleep vs. Bad Sleep: The Impact of Sleep on Wellness

May 18: Promoting Health Equity 

June 7-10: APA/NIOSH "Work, Stress and Health 2017: Minneapolis, MN. Register

July 31- Aug 3: ACE/ODAM Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management: Banff, Canada. Register

Read about CPH-NEW conference sessions on our  Events page.
Recent CPH-NEW Publications
Field tests of a participatory ergonomics toolkit for Total Worker Health. (2017). Applied Ergonomics.

Conceptualizing the dynamics of workplace stress: a systems-based study of nursing aides (2017). BMC Health Services Research.

Recent CPH-New and Views Issues

Issue #50: Safety Climate and the Occupational Safety and Health Management Process.

Issue #51: Workplace Psychosocial Environment and Employees' Health Behavior: More Evidence to Support the Link
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