New Year, New Look: Read up on the latest from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes 


In 2017 we are expanding the scope of content for these quarterly newsletters to highlight news and resources from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) and related forest and climate fund work. This issue covers November 2016 through January 2017. Please enjoy and contact us with any questions or feedback. 

Building on progress for the year ahead
Highlights from  2016 include major country-level progress in Chile, Costa Rica, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mexico, more work with indigenous peoples and civil society organizations, ongoing technical training on forest monitoring, and support for global initiatives and private sector partnerships that can deliver wins for forests. The forest and climate fund teams are building on these milestones in 2017. 

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Delivering on the global agenda for forests, climate and development 
REDD+ can be powerful catalyst for delivering on Sustainable Development Goal 15 ('Life on Land') and achieving country climate targets related to forestry and other land uses. This event at COP22 highlighted multi-stakeholder actions having impact on the ground and showcased best practices and lessons learned. 

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Supporting forest-smart development in the Democratic Republic of Congo 
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there has been important progress on the strategic alignment of different finance instruments for forest-smart development in the Mai Ndombe province. The Mai Ndombe Emission Reductions Program, which covers 12 million hectares, is designed to be a model for green development in the Congo Basin and an important test of climate action and REDD+ results-based payments.

The aim of the program is to provide benefits for the local population while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation of 29 million tons CO2 by 2021.

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Making strides on REDD+ in Togo
Learn about an extensive outreach campaign to meet with and explain the country's emission reductions program to target groups with close ties to forest and land-based resources, including civil society organizations, women, agricultural producers, traditional chiefs and youth.

In addition to the outreach campaign, Togo is working on its national REDD+ strategy and plans to present its progress at an upcoming FCPF meeting. 

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Training the trainers on monitoring, reporting, verification and reference level development
Over the past 12 months, FCPF,  in partnership with GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Office and other partners, has  delivered a series of regional workshops (in Africa, Asia and Latin America) to train selected technical experts from REDD+ countries working on national forest monitoring, reporting, verification and reference level development. 

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Putting Mozambique's newly approved national REDD+ strategy into action
Learn more about the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development's (MITADER) recently approved comprehensive national REDD+ strategy for the country. 

The FCPF has specifically focused on supporting the government on this strategic work since 2013. 

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Telling real people’s stories about forests and livelihoods in Africa
The Africa Environment and Natural Resources team at the World Bank sponsored a series of video stories to give a human face to deforestation and raise awareness on the opportunity to transform the livelihoods of forests communities. 

These aim to go beyond bureaucratic milestones and dollar figures and reach people on the ground to learn first-hand how communities expect to benefit from good forest management and payments for reduced deforestation and degradation under REDD+. 

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Getting youth involved in forest and climate work in Bhutan
Nearly 2000 university students across Bhutan participated in an innovative program to learn about REDD+ readiness and sustainable management of soil, land and watersheds. The month-long training program took place across six colleges and was supported by the FCPF, among other partners. 

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Listening : Forests – The Heart and Lungs of the World
Berenice Hernandez Toro, Director of Financing with National Forestry Commission of the Government of Mexico, talks about how her upbringing in a small town in the mountains of Oaxaca instilled in her the importance of forests for community livelihoods. 

Originally posted by the Forest Investment Program , a funding window of the Climate Investment Funds

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REDD+ Ghana: Engaging People in Sustainable Forest Management and Bringing Community Benefits: This video, part of a series produced by the World Bank Group, features forest communities’ livelihoods in Ghana, drivers of deforestation and its human impacts.   

How can coffee help protect East African farmers from climate change?: Learn how Nespresso is supporting climate-smart coffee farming in Ethiopia and Kenya, including through a partnership with the BioCarbon Fund. 

Joining Forces to Achieve SDG15: Delivering on Global Agenda for Forests, Climate and Development: This event recap from COP22 covers the discussion of how REDD+ can be a catalyst for achieving climate targets related to forestry and other land uses.

Improving Sustainable Forest Management: A Brazil-Mozambique Knowledge Exchange: With the support of the Forest Investment Program, participants shared best practices in sustainable forest management. 

Green Growth in Laos: Learn about the achievements, goals, and methodology of the Sustainable Forestry for Rural Development project through voices of staff, partners, donors, and beneficiaries of the project.

Forest and climate funds in the news
Upcoming meetings
February 28 - March 2, 2017:  BioCarbon Fund ISFL Methodology Workshop, Location and final dates TBC

March 27 - 29,  2017:  FCPF  Participants Committee Meeting, Washington, DC

June 19 - 22, 2017:  FCPF Carbon Fund Meeting, Paris

Header photo credit: Franka Braun, A unique opportunity photo credit: Hannah McDonald/SUFORD project, Delivering on the global agenda photo credit: IISD,  Mozambique photo credit: CAD Productions / J. Capella, Telling credit: CAD Productions/Laura Otalora, Videos photo credit: CAD Productions/DAGENCY/David Monfort, Publications photo credit: Gerardo Segura, Upcoming meetings photo credit: Pablo Cambronero/UN-REDD, all other photos courtesy of World Bank, used with permission.