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Welcome to the first issue of the Butte County Cooperative Extension Quarterly Update e-newsletter. This quarterly newsletter was created to share with you the breadth of work being conducted by UCCE in Butte County. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Student Ag Field Day
The Butte County Nutrition Program conducted its annual Agricultural Ag Field Day last February, teaching over 100 elementary school students about agriculture, food, and nutrition. This year, the event was conducted virtually and made the front page of the Chico ER again!

4-H Presentation Day
The 4-H program is ramping up activities. Clubs finished their Presentation Day in March, during which youth members made their presentations in video format. Joseph Schohr, of Manzanita 4-H, achieved a PERFECT SCORE for his presentation.

Livestock Disaster Pass Program moving Forward in Butte County
Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor Tracy Schohr, in collaboration with the Butte County Ag Department, CalFire, Sheriff, and CHP, provided training to cattleman on disaster preparedness and created a new program that will allow cattleman access during disasters to care for livestock.

Grower Meetings Went Virtual
Almond, walnut, prune, and rice grower meetings went virtual last summer and winter. We all miss the personal interactions that meetings allow, but virtual meetings were necessary to keep everyone safe. Also, you can watch the recording later if you missed the meeting.

Master Gardeners of Butte County Workshops Available
Because of the pandemic, the Master Gardeners had to switch their fall in-person workshops to virtual. Volunteers hosted eight workshops and trained 360 Butte County home gardeners on different subjects such as no-till gardening, soil biodiversity, composting, tree selection, and plant viruses.

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