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Quatris Health | Winter 2016 Newsletter
Quality Reporting in 2017

The healthcare industry has seen major advances in technology and initiatives that ensure the highest quality of care. As we move into 2017, we turn our focus to the Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, also known as MACRA. This Quality Payment Program rewards health care providers and clinicians for quality over quantity. We know you put your patients’ first; now you’ll be recognized for your high standards of care.

The Quality Payment Program has two options for you to choose from:

  • Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) – This allows clinicians to receive a performance-based payment adjustment, so you can earn more for better care. This year, the program offers a flexible performance period, so if you’re ready, get started right away! However, if you need more time, you can prepare for participation later in the year.
  • Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) – This option allows clinicians to benefit from other organizations who better their health results. Better health means reduced costs for patient care, and you can receive a portion of the savings. With an Advanced APM, through Medicare Part B, you may earn an additional incentive payment up to 5%.

More information about Advanced APMs and MIPS can be found on the CMS Quality Payment Program website at qpp.cms.gov


Eligible Clinicians will submit data from three performance categories to receive a composite score and determine payment adjustment.

  • Quality – This component will be based on Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), some of which will be carrying over from the PQRS program. CQR has the capability of reporting CQMs for this component.
  • Improvement Activities – This component has 92 activities to choose from, each being weighted. These activities cross 8 subcategories and include activities such as same day appointments for urgent needs, timely communication of test results, use of surgical checklists, etc.
  • Advancing Care Information – This component will take on many attributes of the Meaningful Use objectives with measures such as e-Prescribing, Patient Access, Medication Reconciliation and HIE. Again, CQR has the capability of reporting measures that are numerator/denominator calculations.
2017 MIPS Reporting Period

For those interested in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, you can decide your level of participation:

  • Test – If you submit a minimum amount of data in 2017, you may avoid a downward payment adjustment in 2019.
  • Partial – If you submit 90 days of data in 2017, you may earn a neutral or positive payment adjustment in 2019.
  • Full – If you submit a full year of data in 2017, you may earn a positive payment adjustment in 2019.
  • Don’t Participate – If you don’t send in data in 2017, you will receive a negative 4% payment adjustment.

As with all government programs, there are many details surrounding the Quality Payment Program. For a basic overview webinar, please review our MACRA and MIPS: How Medicare Meaningful Use and PQRS are Changing available on our Podio site. We’re here to help you thrive, and these programs ensure you get recognition for your commitment to quality care.

Quatris is committed to your Quality Reporting success. We know transitioning to a new program can be difficult, but we’re here for you every step of the way. To receive our MIPS Tips emails, join the mailing list HERE. You’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!


Electronic Medication Prior Authorization (EMPA) increases provider efficiency and enhances care quality. It uses the eSM console to electronically get medication prior authorization to the pharmacy and insurance companies, streamlining the entire process. EMPA is a smart new feature that GE is excited to offer customers.

EMPA will be sold on a per-provider subscription basis. Software requirements include CPS 12.0 or higher/CEMR 9.8 or higher, eSM 4.1.x or higher, and the use of eligibility checking with ePrescribing.

EMPA is currently in limited availability, but will go into general availability soon. If you are interested in saving time on your medication prior authorizations and would like to see what EMPA can do for you, contact sales@quatris.com today for more information.

CHUG at Centricity Live 2017

CHUG 2016 in Austin was a huge success, and CHUG at Centricity Live 2017 is going to be bigger and better. CHUG at Centricity Live 2017 will be May 17-20, 2017 in Boston, MA and registration is currently open. Centricity Live adds a whole new energy to the CHUG conferences. Our group of CPS and C-EMR users will have the opportunity to see the larger Centricity community and some incredible keynote speakers. Come join us in Boston for another amazing conference!

I Didn’t Know That! Support Tools Inside Centricity

Making Quatris support tools easily available makes you more efficient. You can access the Quatris Customer Portal and Go To Assist under the Support option without leaving Centricity.

Case Management

The Quatris Case Management system allows you to enter and track your service and project tickets with Quatris support team via our online customer portal. Tickets entered via the portal are routed to the appropriate customer support representatives, and you will receive email updates on your service along the way.

Centricity Main Menu > Support > Case Management > enter your email and password.

If you have not been set up with access to the Quatris Customer Portal, contact support@quatris.com today!

Go To Assist

Go To Assist allows Quatris support representatives to view your screen remotely, making troubleshooting faster and easier. Access this tool directly from the Centricity Main Menu.

Centricity Main Menu > Support > Online Assistance > enter the code given to you by your tech.

This option is always available at www.quatris.com/help, but we’ve integrated this support tool into Centricity to make resolving your troubleshooting issues as quick and painless as possible.

Tips From the Team / FAQ

Traci Peterson
Application Specialist, EMR Services

Question: How can you check the heath of your eSM console?

Answer: I recommend that you have one person responsible for checking the console at least once daily. Pick a time and be consistent.

  • Go to the home button > Pharmacies > Import From EMR
  • Go to the home button > Providers > Import From EMR
  • Go to the home button > Tracking
    • On the New Rx tab > look at the date and time of the sent messages and ensure that they are for the current date.
  • Go to the home button > Testing
    • Check Select All > Run Selected Tests
      • You want all tests to return successful in blue.

This whole process takes about 2 minutes, but it can save your practice from potential problems if you complete these tasks once or twice daily. If your tests show any issues, we are always here to help.

Pam Rule
Application Specialist, PM Services

Question: Can I attach reports to my claim and send it to the carrier?

Answer: Unfortunately no, Centricity does not allow you to attach reports to claims to be sent out. However, what you can do is create what is called a "PWK" segment, which notifies the carrier that you will be submitting information via fax, email, or mail for this claim.

To perform this, you would do the following:

  • Go into your visit and click the paperclip in the tool bar.
  • Select Text Item
  • Complete the Text Item field with Name (the type of info you are sending, i.e., op notes, test results), Attachment Control Number (We recommend using the ticket number you are working on), Type Code, and Transmission Code. Then check Attachment applies to entire visit).
  • Click ok to save your entries, and this will bring you back to the attachment panel.
  • Click ok again to save this information.

You have now created a PWK segment, which will let the carrier know to look for information coming regarding this claim. You can then fax, email, or mail that information to the carrier.

Brad Heare
Team Manager, Network Services

Question: How can we help prevent Ransomware Viruses?

Answer: The most common way that Ransomware viruses infect a computer is through infected email. Be sure your email filters and antivirus protection are up to date to prevent infection.

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