Monday, October 5 - 11AM EDT
Michel Huot
Trick or Treat
Quebec’s favorite corporate magician is my guest this week. Michel Huot is a funny, innovative, and inventive magician who has produced some of the most popular effects used by magicians worldwide.

Monday’s show will be packed with lots of goodies. You’ll see funny stuff from Monty and Walker, a visit from the dead mentalist Alexander, some Brain Candy from Scott Franz and Geoff Williams, a bit of magic from me, and what promises to be a great chat with Michel.

Trick or Treat streams, Monday, at 11AM on the Parlor of Mystery Facebook page. Join us on Facebook and be part of the fun or watch it later on the Parlor of Mystery Facebook page or the Mike Maione channel on YouTube.
If you didn't see last week's show with the magnificent card magician Jason Ladanye, you could still see it. Click on the photo below.
For a special treat, enjoy Jason Ladanye's performance at the Magic Castle. Click Here.
Here's our schedule for the next few weeks.

October 12 - Sam Sléibhín
October 19 - Martin Cox
October 26 - John Bundy

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