Thank you for registering for the fifth annual Queen Bee Half Marathon and 4 Miler ! We are excited to host you for a fun weekend as we celebrate your accomplishments and raise money for our charity partners.

We've compiled all the details you'll need to know as you get ready for the P&G and Kroger Bee-U-Tique Expo on Friday and the races on Saturday. But first, please note these important details :
  • The Half Marathon and 4 Miler start at different times . The Half Marathon starts at 7:30 a.m. and the 4 Miler at 8:00 a.m. Start lines for both races are at the Reading Rd./Pendleton St. intersection near the casino. If you arrive early for the 4 Miler, please stay on Court St. south of the casino while the half marathon starts.
  • The finish line for both races is on E.Third St. near Culvert St. with  the Michelob Ultra Victory Party at scenic Lytle Park!
  • A couple course reminders on changes we made last year.
    • 4 Milers: The turnaround point is near Krohn Conservatory and you'll proceed back down Eden Park, past the start line and down Eggleston Ave. to the finish.
    • Half Marathoners: You're running on Lake Dr. in Eden Park past the view of the Ohio River.
  • Be sure to read through the baggage bus, bathroom, and parking changes below as well.
  • Expo Information and Packet Pickup : Just like last year, the P&G and Kroger Bee-U-Tique Expo and packet pickup will be located downtown at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Hall B. See below for more detailed information.
  • Download the Flying Pig Events app driven by TQL! It's the one app that includes all the important race information you'll need to know as well as track friends, family and fellow Queen Bees!
  • We have many more new and exciting surprises as well, but we won't spoil them. Those will be kept under wraps until you make it to the expo, on the course and at the finish line!

Final Instructions: Queen Bee Half Marathon and 4 Miler

Please read these instructions completely and carefully. Be sure to share with your family and friends who will be waiting for you at the finish line area.

P&G and Kroger Bee-U-Tique Expo and Packet Pickup
The P&G and Kroger Bee-U-Tique Expo and packet pickup will be located at the Duke Energy Convention Center (525 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, expo parking options available here ). From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, October 12, you'll be able to pick up your race packet and premium items by presenting your photo ID. Not able to make it and need someone to pick it up for you? Please complete this form  . Race day packet pickup will not be available.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO new registration or race switches at the expo, as both the Half Marathon and 4 Miler are sold out!

Expo Schedule of Events:
Join us for our official Fashion Show, featuring looks from Kroger's new Dip clothing line, ASICS and Official Queen Bee merchandise. Shows will take place at 1:00, 3:00 and 6:00pm on stage and include complimentary dessert from Season's 52.  

NEW at the Expo: Self Defense Class      
We are excited to announce that we will be offering a free self defense class at this year's Bee-U-Tique Expo. There will be one complimentary 1.5 hour class before the expo opens from 9:30-11 am. You must be registered to attend this session. Suzanne, from Haven Defense, will also offer two 30 minute demos on the Fashion Show stage. You will walk away from these sessions empowered and more confident!

Full class: 9:30am-11:00am (must be registered) Register here
Demos on stage: noon and 5pm

Race Day Parking
We suggest parking closer to the finish line and The Michelob Ultra Victory Party at Lytle Park. Queen City Square Garage ( 319 E. Fourth St., 45202 ) with entrances on Third, Fourth, Sycamore and Broadway streets and the Broadway Garage ( 310 Broadway St., 45202 ) at the corner of Broadway and Third St. will both offer a $5 flat rate and are a block from Lytle Park. Both garages are approximately .7 miles to the start if you walk north on Broadway to Eggleston towards the casino.

Garages closer to the start line include the Parkhaus Garage ( 1123 Sycamore St., 45202 ) and the surface lot at the intersection of Court and Reedy streets ( 430 E. Court St., 45202 ). These options are 2-3 blocks from the start area and less than a mile from Lytle Park.

NEW: All road closures will be reflected in real-time using the Waze navigation app. Waze is similar to Google/Apple maps and is a free download. It's great for getting around on race day for participants and spectators.

Participants in the 4 Miler would be wise to arrive before the start of the Half Marathon at 7:30 a.m. to avoid additional road closures.

On race morning, eastbound Reading Rd. will be closed from Eggleston Ave. to the valet entrance of the casino. Please note that Court St. from Reedy St. to Eggleston Ave. will not be open around the casino on race morning.

From I-71 southbound , use the Reading Rd. or Gilbert Ave exits and proceed straight off the exits. Turn left onto Sycamore Street to proceed the parking garage entrances nearest to Lytle Park.
From I-75 southbound , exit at 5th St. (left side exit) and continue through downtown. Turn right on Broadway St. to proceed to the parking garage entrances nearest to Lytle Park.
From I-71/75 northbound , exit at 5th St. and continue through downtown. Turn right on Broadway St. to proceed to the parking garage entrances nearest to Lytle Park.
From the East, come in via Columbia Parkway and exit at 3rd St. Turn left onto Broadway St. to proceed to the parking garage entrances nearest to Lytle Park.

Gear/Baggage Check
Participants in both the Half Marathon and 4 Miler may check a bag near the start line of the race. Yellow school buses will be parked on E. Court St. on the south side of the casino beginning at 6:30 a.m.

Place all of your items in the clear bag provided at the P&G and Kroger Bee-U-Tique Expo. A tear tag will be provided (detach from your race bib number) as a means of identification. Attach the tear tag to your bag prior to drop off at the bus.

Allow plenty of time to get to the Start Line in order to check any gear and position yourself in your assigned corral. Gear must be placed in the clear bag and checked in by 7:30am for the Half Marathon and 8:00am for the 4 Miler, or it will not be accepted.  While gear check will remain open until 10:00am for the 4 Miler and 12:00pm for the Half Marathon, please do not wait to pick up your belongings.

The baggage buses will be on E. Fourth St. in Lytle Park after you complete the race.

Please be sure to put your bag on the designated bus(es) for your race.

Race (Bib) Number Requirements
Each participant will receive a Race (Bib) number that must be worn on race day. Please complete emergency information on back of bib. Your bib number must be visible, worn on the front and outside of all clothing during the entire race so that it may be clearly seen for runner identification and race photographers on the course. You must wear a bib to receive a medal at the finish line and you will only be given a medal for the race you are registered for and completed.

Bib numbers are non-transferable and MUST be worn by the runner to whom it is assigned. DO NOT alter your race number in any way.

"Hive" Start Corrals
The assigned Hive for both the Half Marathon and 4 Miler will be indicated on each participant's race bib with both a color and a letter. Our Hives will be structured as follows:

All Hives will be located on Reading Rd. Please line up next to the feather banner with the color/letter that matches the one indicated on your bib. Please note that the Half Marathon will begin at 7:30am and the 4 Miler will begin at 8:00am. Men participating in either of the races, and any women wishing to run or walk with them, will start in the back (Hive F) for both races. 4 Miler participants, if you arrive early, please wait on Court St. or Eggleston Ave. while the Half Marathon starts to allow adequate space for that race to begin.

Participant Rules
Please observe the official rules of the Queen Bee Half Marathon: Please NO pets, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, or any other types of vehicles. Baby joggers and strollers are allowed only on the 4 Miler course and must start at the back. Participants may not run/walk more than two abreast on the course.

Olay Hydration Stations
There will be water and Gatorade at 11 fluid stations on the Half Marathon course with Gatorade always first.

There will be water and Gatorade at 2 fluid stations on the 4 Miler course with Gatorade always first.

Participant Experience Zones
Honey Stinger energy gel will be available just before mile 9 of the Half Marathon course.

There will be a number of participant experience zones on the course that will be giving away items such as Twizzlers, jelly beans, oranges and other fun items. Click here  to see the full list of Royal Treatment.

Portable Restrooms
Restrooms at the start line will be located on E. Court St. on the south side of the casino.  There will be portable restrooms near every fluid station.

Mile Markers/Digital Clocks
A mile marker sign will be placed at the end of each mile. Digital clocks will be placed at the halfway point of the Half Marathon and the finish line. Timing mats will be at the start and finish lines of both races as well as at mile 3 and the halfway point of the Half Marathon.

Medical Support/Radio Communications
Medical Staff members will be ready to assist you at any time. Radio communications personnel will be positioned throughout the course. Volunteers at fluid stations are able to assist in finding a radio communicator at their station.  There are four on-course medical locations that will have a tent staffed with medical personnel, courtesy of UC Health.

The Medical Staff and Marathon officials have the right to withdraw any participant from the race that appears in distress or at risk. There will be a fully equipped Medical Facility at the Finish Line, staffed by a team of professionals until 1:00 p.m. If you have a health or medical problem at the Finish Line, you will be directed to the Medical Area. Please cooperate if you are asked to go for a checkup.

If you are unable to finish the race for any reason, please notify a race official of your bib number so that medical personnel are aware.

There will be flags at the on-course medical locations to indicate race conditions. Green flag means good conditions for racing. Yellow flag means moderate risk of heat injury, consider slowing your pace. Red flag means high risk of heat injury or serious environmental condition such as lightning. Consider greatly reducing pace or discontinuing race. Black flag means the race has been canceled.

Register for RaceSafe
The Queen Bee Half Marathon and RaceSafe have partnered to create a unique standard of care for our running community. As you have probably experienced, many things can happen to our bodies when out in the elements.  We want to be sure our UC Health medical team can properly treat you if anything should happen while you're on the course. RaceSafe is secure, private, and takes less than 5 minutes.

For your health and safety, please share your information by selecting the Sign Up  link . The Queen Bee Half Marathon and RaceSafe respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining your confidentiality.

Course Time Limit
ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS : For your safety and to be in compliance with course re-opening times, we must remind all participants of the four-hour course limit for the Half Marathon. The four-hour course limit is approximately 18 minutes per mile pace. Anyone that is unable to maintain that pace, on either the Half Marathon or 4 Miler course, may be asked to move to the sidewalk to finish the race.

We appreciate your compliance with these time restrictions and look forward to seeing you at the finish line!

Awards and Prizes
We will present awards to the top three females in the Half Marathon and 4 Miler. We will also have female age group awards for the top three in each age group. Overall awards will be determined by gun time; age group awards by chip time. Age group winners will be notified via email on Oct. 23 with award details.

Overall and age group awards will not be offered to male participants.

At the Finish Line
When you cross the finish line, all participants will be greeted by volunteers who will give you a bottle of water, a mylar blanket and your well-deserved Queen Bee Medal.

Access to the Kroger Recovery Area is limited to participants only.

Half Marathon & 4 Miler participants will find refreshments provided by Kroger and Dole in the Kroger Recovery Area, including bananas, chocolate milk, fruit cups, and granola bars.

Green Team volunteers will be there to assist you with our recycling efforts.

Participants should continue through the Kroger Recovery Area and proceed to Lytle Park  to wards the Michelob Ultra Victory Party. Celebrate your accomplishment with food, fun, and live music!

Participants may redeem bib tickets for a complimentary Skyline Chili Cheese Coney, a mimosa from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and First Watch, and a special 5th Anniversary finisher gift. First Watch is providing breakfast for all participants after the race, including pancakes, sunrise bowls, and coffee, as well as fresh squeezed or ange juice for the mimosas.

If you "whip" your personal best at this year's Queen Bee, don't forget to stop by and ring the Olay "Whip Your Time" PR Bell!

The Michelob Ultra Victory Party is open to the public and a great place to reunite with your family and friends.

Good luck to all participants,
we'll see you as you make a Beeline for the Finish!