Dear Queens College Community:
I am pleased to invite you to participate in the process of creating the college’s next strategic plan, which will help establish institutional priorities for the next five years. Through the engagement of stakeholders. regardless of status, we will generate a stronger plan and build support for its implementation and best outcomes. Our process is designed to bring people together, maximizing involvement among different constituencies and across campus.

Steering Committee:
A steering committee will coordinate the process. It will have thirteen members. I personally will chair, to confirm a commitment to QC as I start in my dream job. Joining me will be the two co-chairs of each of five working groups, for a total of ten; the chair of the Queens College Foundation board, which is responsible for the generous philanthropy that enables implementation of our ideas; and the president of the Student Association. The co-chairs of the working groups will include faculty leaders. In meetings over the course of the year facilitated by our strategic planning consultant, this committee will work to ensure a quality process and product. 

Working Groups:
Five working groups will each be assigned a priority. Priorities are equal. Listed alphabetically, they are: 

  • curriculum
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • faculty scholarship and creativity
  • fiscal sustainability
  • student life and student success.

Each working group will have two co-chairs and approximately eight members, for a total of ten each, and a grand total of fifty or more. To ensure consultation, representation, and participation, I requested recommendations from the Senate, the P&B, and the Student Association. The working group members will include all of the deans, faculty members from each school (including those recommended by the Senate), chairs (including those recommended by the P&B), undergraduate and graduate students selected from a list of recommendations by the Student Association, administrators, staff, and alumni. Additional ex officio members will be requested to join as well. Each working group, with support from the strategic planning consultant, is expected to produce a three to five page or slide presentation of proposals outlining future activities and indicators of progress in their priority areas. They will work with the consultant to ensure they have the data they need and input from the campus to do this well. 

Open Campus Forums:
Open campus forums--five at the outset of the process in the fall and additional ones as the plan comes together in the spring--will provide opportunities for anyone to participate. In the fall, each forum will focus discussion on two of the priorities. That is deliberate: Planning that separates curriculum and diversity, for example, would not serve either subject well; it will advance the curriculum and diversity if they are united. It also allows people who are unable to attend a session on a subject of interest another option to join. Everyone who is a member of the community may attend these forums. Presenters also will be invited. 

Website Updates and Opportunities to Comment:
Throughout the process we will post updates and create opportunities for the campus community to share ideas and comments online. 

Immediate Steps:
Multiple convenings have been held to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion. An open letter will be sent on these issues, written by me personally. A “Budget 101” presentation has been prepared for clear communication about how the institution operates. That has been delivered to multiple audiences, and it is available upon request.

At a virtual retreat, the steering committee will begin planning and a more specific charge will be issued to structure the work. It is appropriate now, and it will be important again and again, to express appreciation. The work of all the volunteers will be substantial. Although all deserve gratitude, the students especially should be lifted up. It is for them that everything is done.

Finally, allow me to introduce Anna Pond. She has worked with Queens College in the past, as well as other CUNY institutions. Her biography is available here. She is serving as our consultant to support the steering committee and the working groups.

Updates will be posted on the QC website soon. Thank you so much. 

Frank H. Wu
President, Queens College
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