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Over the past months, we’ve received numerous inquiries and requests from people who, like so many of us, are spending much more time in their homes—working, homeschooling, simply living. In such challenging times, it only makes sense that those who are determined not to let their spirits be locked down as well will make the effort to enhance and transform their personal spaces, gathering in objects of special meaning which, at a moment’s glance, can help lift away the weight of the world and give the soul flight once more. This is what art is for, for the immediate, spirit-nourishing experience of what’s truly important and essential. Having the art we love in our own space is like having a loved one present in the room—all it takes is a moment’s glance, even simply noting our loved one's presence out of the corner of an eye—and no matter our mood or outlook, we’re buoyed anew, our spirit is lifted, our world is returned to its proper, life-affirming context.

If we can help enhance your space, with even just one special print or a table-top sculpture, we have many options for acquiring the art you may want and need. For those who prefer to pay over time, we offer layaways, financing, and Club Cordair memberships. We offer complimentary art-consulting for any room, or for full homes. We arrange commissions by our artists, of special subjects and themes for special locations. We’re here to help, to answer any questions. There’s no pressure to purchase, ever. That we keep our clients’ long-term interest at heart is part of why we’re still here and thriving after twenty-four years. Some of our best clients have been with us since the beginning.

Please call, e-mail, or visit us in Napa.


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A New Oil Painting ~ Han Wu Shen
Artist: Han Wu Shen
24” x 30”
Original oil painting

Commissions also available
Call 707-255-2242
New Print Releases ~ Chris Dellorco

Artist: Chris Dellorco

Three sizes, starting at $1,400

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Artist: Chris Dellorco
Three sizes starting at $1,200

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Director's Corner ~ Danielle Anjou

Available in 3 sizes
Cast bronze
Starting at only $4,500
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Introductory Price Extended
We ordered a second shipment of these very popular prints!

Order yours before the price increases.

"This is a beautiful poem.
I think it speaks to all" - R.M.

"True, true, true" - R.N.

"Love this poem!" - V.W.

Purchase one for yourself, one for a friend, or a few to give as gifts!
No sea was ever sailed
By fear of drowning in the deep.
No bridge was ever built
By huddled souls in castle’s keep.
No cloud slipped ‘neath the wing
Of one who dared not leave the ground.
No daunting height was scaled
Without a test of holds unsound.

No barn was ever raised
By hands that wouldn’t plant in spring.
No city skyline drawn
By those whose vision wouldn’t sing.
No rocket ship was launched
Without a dream to touch the stars.
No man stood on the Moon
Who didn’t long to land on Mars.

No writer wrote a wonder
Without braving the first line.
No sculptor carved a marvel
But for craving sight divine.
No dancers spun a ballroom
Before graceless learning turns.
No masterwork was painted
By a critic’s clucks and burns.

No cure was finally bottled
Without trials that failed to save.
No bulb illumed the night
Of those who never left the cave.
No gear turned fine and smoothly
Till the first rough models broke.
No wheel turned light and quickly
Till a rebel carved a spoke.

No friendship grew and strengthened
Without hearts opened to hurt.
No neighbor’s warmth was nurtured
With responses cold and curt.
No lovers’ cove was treasured
More than after storms astern.
No passion’s flame rekindled
But for bringing fuel to burn.

No man was free a master
Till his mind was unenslaved.
No people shed a tyrant
Till they faced him unafraid.
No peace was long in lasting
When unanswered went the call.
No justice served for any
When no one would stand for all.

No life is fully lived
In pallid dread of pending death.
No fear is faced and conquered
Till accepted with deep breath.
No step into this world
Is ever taken until willed.
When last your eyes have closed
May they’ve seen a life fulfilled.

~ Quent Cordair
20” x 16”
print on fine-art watercolor paper
hand signed by the author
Special Commission Opportunity ~ Bryan Larsen
We recently commissioned Bryan Larsen to create a portrait of our daughter Sarah and her fiancé Ryan as a wedding gift.

Do you have a special picture that you would like Bryan Larsen to turn into an original work of art?

Contact the gallery at 707-255-2242 or
A few years ago, this was a wedding gift for our son Joshua and his wife, Michelle.

This opportunity is limited to the artist's availability and discretion. Portraits start at 8" x 10", for $1,500.

Please contact the gallery via e-mail for more information or call

Pre-Cast Promotion ~ Karl Jensen
Artist: Karl Jensen

Two sizes
23" and 7' 8" (life size)
Limited editions

Image in clay
prior to bronze casting

Save up to $4,000

Layaway & Club Cordair plans available.

Questions? Call 707-255-2242
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