This course is facilitated by Joel Bennett
and now co-hosted with Melanie Weinberger
and Stephany Sherry
Stephany Sherry

Health Promotion Manager

The Quest for Presence was an impactful step in my healing and recovery journey.

Do you strive for something you're not sure of? The art of learning to just “be” is key to wellbeing: mind, body and spirit.

Learn the many treasures waiting for you. Learn to slow down. Live your life not according to clock time, but by being fully present in your own wonderful life.
Melanie Weinberger
Founding Partner,

Community Wellbeing Advocate & Entrepreneur 

Ah, the gift of the present moment.

After taking this course my moments of living became more profound, more often.

The mundane becomes a gift.

What could be better than to delight in what’s right in front of you?
An Online Mini-Workshop Series on Spiritual Health

In this three-workshop series, you will learn a new language of time, one that brings wholeness and timelessness to you. Each 90 minute session comes with handouts, mini-lecture, highly interactive exercises, and between-session assignments.

Starts May 28th | 7:00 to 8:30
(Session 2: June 4; Session 3: June 11)
Come to one or all. $35 Each| $100 All Three
EARLY BIRD: $80 | Ends May 22

  1. Stress is not our problem, time is our problem.
  2. We can recover a whole sense of time that is healthy.
  3. You don't have to buy into the treadmill mentality.
  4. While all the world reacts around you, know that there is a pace and rhythm that is all your own.
  5. Every day is filled with uplifting treasures that can transport us to a timeless place. We just need to know how to look for them.
  6. Something inside of you is telling you that there is more to life than the routines, the media, and day-in/day-out whatever.
  7. Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?
Learn skills and coaching protocols that give clients clear steps for transforming stress into a positive resource.

Facilitate two evidence-based curriculum that give participants inner resources for a healthy lifestyle in the face of stress and adversity and for emotional triggers.
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