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JULY 2015
Questions about Walmart's animal-welfare stance
Three reasons to question Walmart's latest
Walmart is back in the news again this issue, announcing it will start "asking" farm suppliers to conform to animal welfare standards. Animal-rights interests cheered, but here are at least three good arguments against this kind of commercial activism.
Behind the food-waste movement
Behind the food-waste movement
English comedian John Oliver's 17-minute HBO monolog trashing America's food wasting binge earned more than 2 million YouTube views and renewed praise from food activists who see this issue as the tip of our wider food-system problems. News source for Millennials though he may be, has this cultural satirist bit off more than he can chew on this complex issue?
Has bird flu peaked?
Avian flu, contained but not gone
The epidemic of highly pathogenic avian influenza, which has now caused the death of more than 48 million birds, has slowed, as USDA reports no new outbreaks in the last 30 days. However, that reprieve may be only temporary, as the agency prepares for the disease's return in the fall.
When will egg markets stabilize?
Eggs will be in short supply through next year
USDA forecasts year-over-year table egg production will be lower than the previous year during the second half of 2015 and into the first quarter of 2016, reflecting the time needed to get replacement hens into production to replace those lost to avian flu.
A glimpse of life on a 19th century Nebraska farm
Experience a taste of 19th century farm life
Students from St. Joseph's Catholic School in York take a field trip to Wessels Living History Farm on the edge of town to experience a small taste of the life of Nebraska farm kids from the 19th century.
Healthy food at the fair: say it ain't so!

This fair-food madness has finally gone far enough
For the first time in its 162-year history, the California State Fair will feature an official chef, preparing salads from his own garden of fairgrounds-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Somebody stop the madness and bring us a deep-fried Twinkie.
Kathy's commentary: Please, senator, don't use the F word KATHY'S COMMENTARY
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