As the Year Ends 

                                                                                  Lunch Pals News
                                                                                           May 2018
Thank you
The time you've spent building a friendship with a student is so very appreciated! Know that your consistent presence has meant a lot. As we hear from so many of our mentors, most likely you've learned from and enjoyed this experience just as much as they have!

As summer approaches, be sure to take a moment to let your student know how much you've enjoyed the time spent together. If you're able to continue the relationship next school year (and of course we hope you are), let them know you'll look forward to catching up with them then. If you are not able to return, explain that though you will not be seeing them you do wish them well and have every confidence that they'll have a great year.

If returning, you will hear from the school's volunteer liaison who will let you know when mentoring can begin again. If you don't get a message from them by September 5th, please give the school a call. Your student will have a lot of summer happenings to share with you as you resume your friendship!

Please Join Us! Lunch Pals Leadership Development Summit
Attend this great celebration and leadership development opportunity. Grow personally and professionally through the Leading With Fun session presented by the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College.
Wednesday, May 30th, 7-8:30 am, at Raymond James 
Please RSVP Here   and plan to bring a friend!

Moving to a New School
If students transition to new schools the volunteer liaison will receive an alert regarding your past connection to them as a Lunch Pal. Once students are settled into their class and lunch schedules you will be contacted about a mentoring start date. If you have not been contacted by September 7th please send an email with your and the student's name and previous school and grade to Susan Schneck, Lunch Pals Coordinator, at

Opportunity for Students Entering Grades 6 to 9
Nominate your student for a Take Stock In Children Scholarship. If awarded, they will receive the opportunity for up to a four-year college tuition scholarship or technical school training by fulfilling a contractual obligation to attend school regularly, maintain at least a "C" in all classes, study for tests, complete homework assignments, remain crime and drug free and meet regularly with a mentor.
Good news! You can nominate your student even if you don't know whether they meet the
qualifications - just go to TSIC Nomination Form
The following student eligibility factors will be checked by staff at their school and the Pinellas Education Foundation:                       
  • Qualify for free/reduced lunch  
  • Earn C’s or higher in their classes
  • Have good attendance
  • Exhibit good behavior
  • Have additional risk factors that often make it a challenge to achieve higher education
This is a fantastic way to encourage students to be goal oriented and proactive about their futures!   

Have a wonderful summer!