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February 2016
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What is a NEWT PBX Phone System?
NEWT offers a digitally managed PBX or Business Phone system. This is a solution that is easily managed at your business location and runs over the NEWT private network platform. The NEWT PBX offers 80 features such as Auto Attendant greetings, voicemail-to-email and find-me follow-me to name a few.

Communication is the backbone of every business, with 80+ enterprise-grade features included for one low monthly price, your employees will be able to work better, more efficiently and with increased collaboration.

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Time to update your on-hold message?

At Take Hold Marketing we'll work with you to understand what your on-hold objective is and isolate your "Caller Profile". You have a captive audience when your caller is on-hold, use this time to inform, educate, sell, pacify or even entertain callers.

Be sure to let clients know about your services, hours of operation, drive them to your web site and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter and engage with you on social media.

Have a listen...

Here is a recent update for the Crowfoot Keg Steakhouse & Bar

"We have used Take-Hold Marketing's On-Hold service at all our locations for over 10 years and love the flexibility and the service. The feedback from our customers has been pleasant and positive."
     ~ Brammer Long, The KEG Steakhouse & Bar

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Three How and when the telephone number was invented

The telephone number was invented in autumn 1879 by Dr. Moses Parker in Lowell, Massachusetts. There was an outbreak of measles and the Doctor was concerned that replacement operators filling in for the sick ones wouldn't know which people were associated with the several hundred jacks that needed to be patched.

Dr. Moses suggested the use of numbers. At first the local Bell company management protested that its customers would consider their designation by numbers to be beneath their dignity; nevertheless, it saw the logic of the doctor's suggestion and followed it. The subscribers were not outraged; the epidemic quickly passed and the telephone number was here to stay.