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The merry month of May has come to a close, which means the frenzy of summer is almost upon us. Our Summer Field Trip Program kicks off this week, with a trip to YVR, and the kids have received a special request: to document their adventures around Metro Vancouver for an alien visitor. 

We've got our own alien arriving, and even though he's from our home planet, we're no less excited. We're pleased to introduce the first student volunteer Buddings has ever hosted, Hiroki Kayama, from Japan.

Questions arise, and with our switch in membership models, we've had some of them repeated. We've done our best to explain the most common questions on the blog.

We're getting ready for a summer of adventure, and can't wait to share them all!

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Summer Space Exploration - Big Kids Abroad
Membership Questions Answered
Students and Volunteers - Welcome Hiroki!
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Summer Space Exploration - Mission Accepted!

This week, the Big Kids Club received a special request from a new friend: Buddy Alien!

He and his space family want to visit Vancouver, and need help deciding what fun sights and attractions they should plan into their trip. 

It's the perfect assignment, because our Summer Field Trip Program ("Big Kids Abroad") will be kicking off this Friday, June 6, with our first trip out to Vancouver International Airport, and we have adventures lined up, running from 1 - 5pm once a week all summer long.

These trips are good for kids of all ages and we're pleased to extend the invitation to toddlers, too. Afternoon nap schedules aside, if you'd like to have your 2 year old join us, please let us know.

Your Questions Answered - Membership
The new membership model has been well-received, and we're so glad to hear families like it. One of our big priorities, to cut down on your unused hours, has already been successful. There were almost half as many hours rolled this month over last! Thank goodness!
But we've had a few questions about what it all means, and some of them have come up several times. An explanation seems in order. No problem! Find it on the blog. 
Welcome Hiroki, our Volunteer from Japan!
The field of Early Childhood Education is one of mentorship and on-going learning, and like young children, our early experiences shape our teaching styles, and interactions with children, for the rest of our careers. Here at Buddings, as our team solidifies and starts to really excel, we believe it's important to pay it forward.

This summer, you'll start seeing students and volunteers at the centre, and we hope you'll join us in welcoming them to their new field. They're investing their time, and we want to make sure they get the best possible experience under our supervision. 

We choose carefully, and our students all have cleared criminal record checks, letters from their teachers or institutions, and a senior Buddings staff supervisor at all times. 

Our first student, Hiroki Kayama, comes from Japan and will be with us from June 3 - 21, to share and observe Canadian childcare practices. We are excited to hear about his experience, and look forward to a rich and rewarding cultural exchange. Wondering what he's like? Why not take a moment to introduce yourself next time you're in?
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