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Vote Van Wagoner for Ogden City Mayor.
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7 recently asked Questions


At our weekly campaign meeting we share different stories from the many people in Ogden City that we have heard from during this campaign trail. Van Wagoner is listening. Voting is a major event that is important for sculpting sound policy in our community for years to come. It is a great event and although we try to make it public, it is still very private. This has been an incredible experience and I enjoy answering your questions as a candidate for mayor.




1.         What motivated you to run for Mayor of Ogden? I chose to run for Mayor because I feel that some of the candidates running for Mayor have their own  Read on...  


The Vote Van Wagoner for Ogden City Mayor is in need of small donations to help us with advertising. Though Steve has been out talking with many door to door, time is running out, and a final mailer to all registered voters is needed. Please help if you can.


Register to Vote!

 We are just days away from the deadline to register to vote during the primary election, have you gotten your friends and family registered to Vote?