Life’s all about relationships, isn’t it? Our print newsletter this fall focuses on the sibling relationship – read about one story below. And we have a perfect new relationship to announce as well.
"So badly I wish I could talk to him..."
“How” and “why” are critical questions for workplaces when a tragedy happens. But these are just the first of many questions for family members when a loved one is injured or killed on the job. Jim Sandford was a licensed elevator mechanic who died when an elevator platform rammed into the top of the elevator shaft he was working on. The weight compensation on the elevator was too heavy and pulled the elevator platform up at freefall speed. Jim succumbed to his injuries. His sister Shelby was only nine at the time. Growing up without her big brother, the questions have increased rather than receding, as she wrote in our most recent newsletter . For more of Jim’s story, you can also read the article his parents wrote in 2007, just two years after Jim’s death.
New partnership with BCRSP announced 
Workplace safety lies deep in our hearts at Threads of Life. So a partnership with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals is a natural fit. The BCRSP sets certification standards for occupational health and safety professionals in Canada. Over the next three years, BCRSP will be a national sponsor for Steps for Life – Walking for Family of Workplace Tragedy and will establish a joint scholarship with Threads of Life. The details of the scholarship will be announced later. Individual CRSPs can also qualify for maintenance points for their volunteer involvement in Threads of Life.

"BCRSP is excited to enter this new partnership with Threads of Life,” said BCRSP Board Chair Kevin Dawson, CRSP. “As safety professionals we certainly understand the importance of programs and services for those affected by workplace tragedy. Many of our members are already involved with Threads of Life, and we look forward to working together to advance the vision we share, of safe and healthy workplaces across Canada."
Thanks, BCRSP for your commitment to health and safety and to Threads of Life families!
A thousand reasons to be part of Steps for Life

Every year in Canada, close to 1000 workers are killed on the job, or die as a result of a work-related injury or illness. Every one of those families has a story about their loved one. Add to that the thousands who are injured on the job each year, whose stories have just taken a sudden plot twist. Steps for Life offers a chance to tell those stories and reveal the faces and lives behind the statistics. As we start to prepare for Steps for Life 2019, we’re hoping many of you will share your story – your reasons for being part of Steps for Life.
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Steps for Life: A thousand reasons to walk

We all have different reasons for the projects we tackle, the organizations we support and the ways we invest our time.

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Suicide and the workplace

In Canada suicide is the leading cause of injury-related deaths. One of the highest-risk groups for suicide are working-aged men and women. The impact of a death by suicide is tremendous on the family and friends, but also in the workplace.

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