High Seas Rally 
makes it Easy to raise money for YOUR club/group/charity
World's Only Biker Rally on a Cruise Ship™
How about a completely new idea to raise money for your club or chosen charity? Something so exclusive and unique that the winner will be only 1 of 2,100 bikers from around the world to experience. Doesn't hurt that it's also a 7 day vacation that's "almost too much fun" with even more big prizes to win once they're there and fun and easy to sell raffle tickets for.
Raffle off a High Seas Rally® cabin for the 2019, Western Caribbean "World's Only Biker Rally On a Cruise Ship" just like we do on every rally cruise. Only we raffle off about 50 on every cruise. Example: Purchase a $2,500 inside cabin for 2. Sell 200 tickets at $20 each...brings in $4,000. You give the lucky winner a $2500.00 cabin and the club/group/charity nets $1500.00. Their worst odds of winning a cabin are 1 in 200. Buy 5 tickets out of the 200 and your odds are 1 in 40, 10 tickets your odds are 1 in 20! Of course you can change or raise the ticket count for more money raised...we just set the #'s for simplicity and speedy sales. We've had clubs raffle off 3 per year. 1 club with 100 attending their monthly meetings raffled off 3 in a row at their monthly meeting. HOW? They did it just like a 50/50 ticket sale. $20 per 50/50 ticket. 200 tickets. Winner announced at the end of the meeting. Can't get much faster and easier than that! $1500 raised at 1 meeting and 1 winner of a cabin for 2. Not only do they win a cabin...there on a full ship charter biker cruise that gives away over $250,000 in CASH each cruise, plus $50,000 in bike vendor prizes, includes food 24/7, prepaid tips/port charges, welcome packet and more.
Once the club/group purchases the raffle cabin with a $600 non-refundable deposit, we supply 50 flyers, a dozen 1 hour rally dvd's and back it up with our 100 page website. You just make the payments. $600 down, $600 Feburary 1, 2019, $600 May 1 of 2019, balance August 1, 2019. Must be paid in full before we can give the winner a cabin. You have more than a year to sell. No brainer with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. Just give me a call if you have any questions...800-444-8795 and check out our website.
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