Considerable Differences Exist Among Universal Health Care Systems January 2020
Single-Payer System
An Exploration
Now more than ever, universal health care is a hot topic. To answer some of the questions surrounding a single-payer system, the DuPage Medical Society recently hosted a panel discussion. Kara Murphy, DHC President, had the privilege of participating and following are resources that she found especially interesting. Please note we are sharing for informational purposes only and not as an endorsement of any particular approach.
Lessons From Abroad
The United States is the only high-income nation without universal health care. Yet, considerable differences exist among other countries systems.  Click here to learn more about what they are.
Shared Accountability for Health
For many years, Kaiser Family Foundation has been tracking public opinion on the idea of a national health plan. Not surprisingly, there are mixed views.  Click here to see what they have found.  

Ever wonder, how the United States could devote so much money to health care and yet rank so poorly relative to other industrialized countries in key health indicators? Click here to learn one theory why.
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