Hello everyone, just a quick note regarding pre-orders. Over the last few months we have been taking many pre-orders for new models, colors, and units we are out of stock on. For these pre-orders, we have allowed reservations with very little or no deposit required, to aid our dealer family. 

Please remember that once the unit arrives to our warehouse, the final payment is immediately due. We have had some issues lately regarding inventory sitting here for weeks while dealers wait for more shipments to arrive or to sell more units from their floor before paying. Because of this, we have inventory that is sitting here "reserved" that we can not sell to other dealers who want to buy the vehicles right away.

Going forward, all pre-orders must be paid for in full within 3 business days of it arriving to our facility. If you are unable to do so, that is not a problem, we will automatically release the unit to another interested dealer and move your reservation to the next arriving shipment.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter!