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iPads Adaptions and Accessories: Making iPads More Accessible for All
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Great ideas for iPad adaptations


Assistive Tech World  


Assistive Tech World 

iPad AT: Accessories for iPads for independent living

Bluetooth Braille Display

Finite iPad cover

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What are the benefits of using a Tablet? 


Tablets assist individuals with disabilities in many areas including, education, employment, and behavior. 


With over a million apps available consumers are able to download helpful software such as communication boards, prerecorded teaching demonstrations, even speech to text programs. 


iPads in particular, are loaded with accessibility features right off the shelf. When paired with switched or braille displays even those with low vision or blindness and mobility impairments can utilize these devices. 


New updates and features are being created each day to expand the accessibility features. The larger screen and relatively inexpensive prices make tablets a great tool to aid someone in their everyday life. 

Did you know...

iOS products have the option for you to control your device with the movement of your head? Under the "Switch Control" tab in "Accessibility," you can set up commands for your iPad such as "pressing the home button" being controlled by swiping your head left. You can also use this tab to hook up physical switches to pair with the switch control feature. When hooked up to a charger you can also say, "Hey Siri," to open up your personal voice assistant and use her features 100% hands-free. 

Click  Here for a more detailed explanation of the iOS accessibility features. 

Andriod Tablets 

iOS is not the only tablet operating system out there. Andriod is another competitor that has produced some accessibility features on their mobile devices. While they are not yet as advanced as the features on iproducts they have great potential and great basic features such as "explore by touch" which has the system inform you about what your finger is over. 

"Talkback" is another service that comes with your device. It is a screen reader that will read back search options and notifications. You can also personalize your display and sound with larger text and increased spoken text speed. 

Click  Here for a more detailed explanation of the Andriod accessibility features.


The future of mobile devices

Operating Systems are releasing sm art watches and smart glasses that come loaded with accessibility features. Apple's i-Watch has been labeled as a wellness tool that can tell you when you have been sitting too much and record your heart rate. 

There is even a watch called the Embrace that is still under development, but it will have the ability to detect epileptic seizure before they even occur. There are glasses being developed right now that work in augmentative reality. This means that videos, sounds, or graphics are supplemented through a device into our "reality." The future of mobile devices is exciting and more accessible for people of all abilities! 


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