Mission Critical Rapid Deployment
Be a part of the solution with PortaFab's
Quick Install Isolation Rooms
In these unsettling times, we find ourselves looking for answers and wondering what we can do to help. Our partner, PortaFab Modular Building Systems, has a line of Quick Install Negative-Pressure Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms to quickly modify existing space into a CDC approved space.
Easily disassembled, stacked & stored. Always ready and prepared for the next unexpected event.
"Always be in a state of preparedness"
FAST & EASY install with minimal training
DUSTLESS clean installation
PortaFab Isolation Room Features:

  • Central or point-of-use HEPA filters capable of removing particles 0.3 μm in diameter for supply (incoming) air
  • Well-sealed rooms
  • Proper construction of windows, doors, and intake and exhaust ports
  • Smooth, cleanable ceiling tiles
  • Walls sealed above and below the ceiling
  • Ventilation to maintain ≥12 ACH
  • Directed air flow: design that filters air into one side of room, across patient’s bed and then exits on opposite side of room
  • Self-closing door on all room exits
  • Back-up ventilation equipment

Add intelli-force magnetix magnetic flooring systems for a totally modular system

Easily cleaned and disinfected LVT flooring with a commercial grade wear layer

Our vast line of flooring, coatings, and matting systems conform to any flooring requirements

Allow the ICT Group of Companies assist you with the design, construction and installation of a negative pressure airborne infection isolation room that follows the strict standards set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention organization.

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