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Quick News for  
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 
Photo by Rose Kaszuba  
Farewells to our Snowbirds who are already starting their Fall Migration

Blessings to all those who have already departed, you are missed!  Warm thoughts until we see you again!

"Conversations with God & Each Other" - November 3

We hope you will join us for the November 3 Prayer Retreat "Conversations with God & Each Other".  Please register with Lyn Barrett or Rose Kaszuba.  Coffee at 8:30 am, sessions start at 9:00 am and end at 2:30 pm, morning refreshments and lunch are included in your suggested donation of $10 (scholarships available). 

All are welcome! 

Entertainment Ambassadors Needed!
Share your talents with the Hospitality Committee by volunteering to help plan church events such as Christmas Eve dinner, Mother's Day and Father's Day brunches, lunches for the choir boys, etc. 
We so hope you will please share your dash, and your flash, and your planning and culinary arts with us!
Carole Harsh would love to connect with you!  Please contact her for details -  
Study The Gospel of Mark -- Thursday October 11th 
On October 11th, we are offering two study sessions of the Gospel of Mark.  The first session will meet at 10 am and Claudia Caveney and Father Craig will take you through a journey of the Gospel of Mark.  The second session on the Gospel of Mark will begin at 5 pm later that day.  And at this session we hope to have cheese and wine!  Please come join us in Persell Hall for either or both of these sessions and please bring your questions.    
St. John's Supper Club - Special Event 
Please join us this Friday, October 12, at 5:30 pm for our Friday night supper club SPECIAL EVENT - COMMUNITY PIG ROAST.  
Please bring a beverage, or a salad, and ESPECIALLY your friends and neighbors!   
Special thanks to Reber Rock Farms for their support.    

Reminder of Weekly Activities
Sunday - Holy Eucharist, Rite II, 9:15 am - Sanctuary 
Monday, Thursday, Friday - Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary 
Monday -   Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary
Tuesday -  Silent Prayer 8:15 am - Sanctuary
Community Pot Luck 6 pm - Persell Hall - all are welcome! 
Contemporary Bible Discussion - 9:30 am - Persell Hall
Wednesday -  Holy Eucharist 8:30 am - Sanctuary
Genesis Bible Study 10 am - Persell Hall
World Community for Christian Meditation 5 - 6 pm - Persell Hall
Thursday - Morning Prayer 8:30 - Sanctuary 
Friday -      Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary
 Supper Club 6 pm - Persell Hall - All are welcome!   
  Photo by Rose Kaszuba   
We LOVE Your Photos!
Please keep taking - and sharing - your wonderful photos with us to illustrate our Quick News every week.  There is so much remarkable - but typically very modest and unassuming - talent in our church, congregation, and community.  
We would love your photos of the inside and outside of our church, scenes within the community, seasonal scenes, flowers, gardens, nature, and photos taken during events at St. John's and the surrounding areas.  We try to use photos that are uplifting or speak to our quieter soulful interior place.  And we share attribution for photos that come to us from a known source, as well as send the donors a copy of that week's newsletter.   
Please send your photos to Laura Steenburg at LSTEENBURG@MAC.COM  Or to Carole Harsh at  Thank you all!!   
Remember, with 52 weeks of Quick News, and 3 - 4 photos per issue, it means we need between 150 to over 200 new photos every year!  Why can't some of those be yours?    
Prayers of the People   
Please remember to send your additions to this list to Katharine Preston by Wednesday evening of each week.   
We pray for those within our community known only to you who are challenged by a serious illness. We pray for continued healing for Bob Harsh; for Pat Lindsay; Ed Smith; Carol Calhoun's daughter Sarah and her step-daughter Celia; Scottie's friend, Carol; Christopher Whalen; Sally Johnson; Matt Looby ; Rob Close; Ed; Jill; Vivian; Judith Moore; Dottie Hall Swinehart; Helene Gray; and others known to us....
We pray for Katharine's sister, Annie Knowlton, whose husband, Ted, died on Tuesday.

HOLY DAY -   Robert Grosseteste
Robert Grosseteste was the Bishop of Lincoln, in 1253.  He was one of the outstanding English Bishops of the 13th Century.  He rose from humble beginnings and distinguished himself as a scholar.  He was appointed the Master of Oxford School, and the first teacher of theology to the Franciscans.  Roger Bacon was one of his notable pupils.  Both as teacher and bishop he had a strong influence on John Wycliffe, a Protestant early reformer, critic of the Catholic Church, and who translated the Bible into the vernacular.   
Heavenly Father, who raised up your faithful servant, Robert Grosseteste, to be a Bishop and Pastor, in your Church and to feed your flock, may we all minister all members of our Church as Servants and Students of your Divine Mystery.  I ask this in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  
First lesson:  Acts 20: 28 - 32  
Psalm:  112: 1 - 9 
Second lesson:  Luke 16: 10 - 15 

Here are the ways you can reach Father Craig:
Church Phone: 518 - 963 - 7775
Rectory Phone: 518 - 963 - 4657 
Cell Phone: 207 - 595 - 2697 
If you are unable to reach him at the Church, please call the Rectory and speak with someone there or leave a message.   
And please note, the Rectory is always open for emergencies.
Jennifer Moore
Photo by Jennifer Moore  

We look forward to seeing you  
in church at 9:15 a.m.  
this Sunday, October 14th, 2018