Photo by Sylvia Margo Tospann

Quick News for  
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 
Photo by Jennifer Moore
Prayer Retreat Coming Soon - November 3

November 3rd Prayer Retreat will be held at the classrooms of College for Every Student, 9 am until 3 pm, your lunch will be provided.  Suggested donation is $10 per person.

We would love to have your presence there and your input, please join us!  Pre-registration is encouraged -- please contact Father Craig.  
St. John's in Armenia
Lynne Goepper with Mount Ararat  
and the Noravank Monastery in the background
Lynne Goepper, Bishop Bill and Nancy Persell, Jan and Harold Bedoukian who were leaders of this tour of Armenia and Artsakh in September sponsored by ARCH.  Armenia was the first county in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 AD.  Christianity was introduced to Armenia in the first century (60-68 AD) by two of Christ's disciples, Bartholomew and Thaddeus.  
Bishop Bill in Etchmiadzin
Bishop Bill in Etchmiadzin 

FINAL CALL -- This Friday is the Deadline
Register for October 26 and 27, Friday and Saturday Vermont Convention

Please go to the Vermont Diocese website to register for the convention (  The deadline is October 5, 2018.  THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO REGISTER!!  Registration fee is $30 for Friday only and $55.00 for two days.  Please note -- scholarships are available by speaking with Carole Harsh.

The Vermont Convention will take place at the Burlington Hilton Hotel on October 26 and 27.  We would like to have a good representation from St. John's. For more information see the poster below.
LOVE TO ENTERTAIN - Show Off Those Talents!    
Share your talents with the Hospitality Committee by volunteering to help plan church events such as Christmas Eve dinner, Mother's Day and Father's Day brunches, lunches for the choir boys, etc. 
We so hope you will please share your dash, and your flash, and your planning and culinary arts with us!
Carole Harsh would love to connect with you!  Please contact her for details - 
Friday Night Supper Club
Please join us this Friday, October 5, at 6 pm for our Friday Night's Supper Club for a Taste of the British Isles.   
Please bring a beverage, or a salad, and a friend!    
Coming Soon - Countdown!  
Countdown to Friday, October 12 at 5:30pm for our FREE COMMUNITY PIG ROAST !!  Tell your friends and neighbors, all are invited!   
Reminder of Weekly Activities
Sunday - Holy Eucharist, Rite II, 9:15 am - Sanctuary 
Monday, Thursday, Friday - Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary 
Monday - Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary
Tuesday -  Silent Prayer 8:15 am - Sanctuary 
Community Pot Luck 6 pm - Persell Hall - all are welcome! 
Contemporary Bible Discussion - 9:30 am - Persell Hall
Wednesday -   Holy Eucharist 8:30 am - Sanctuary
Genesis Bible Study 10 am - Persell Hall
World Community for Christian Meditation 5 - 6 pm Persell Hall
Thursday - Morning Prayer 8:30 - Sanctuary 
Friday -     Morning Prayer 8:30 am - Sanctuary
Supper Club 6 pm - Persell Hall - All are welcome!   
Study The Gospel of Mark -- Thursday October 11th 
On October 11th, we are offering two study sessions of the Gospel of Mark.  The first session will meet at 10 am and Claudia Caveney and Father Craig will take you through a journey of the Gospel of Mark.  The second session on the Gospel of Mark will begin at 5 pm later that day.  And at this session we hope to have cheese and wine!  Please come join us in Persell Hall for either or both of these sessions and please bring your questions.    
We LOVE Your Photos!
Please keep taking - and sharing - your wonderful photos with us to illustrate our Quick News every week.  There is so much remarkable - but typically very modest and unassuming - talent in our church, congregation, and community.  
We would love your photos of the inside and outside of our church, scenes within the community, seasonal scenes, flowers, gardens, nature, and photos taken during events at St. John's and the surrounding areas.  We try to use photos that are uplifting or speak to our quieter soulful interior place.  And we share attribution for photos that come to us from a known source, as well as send the donors a copy of that week's newsletter.   
Please send your photos to Laura Steenburg at LSTEENBURG@MAC.COM  Or to Carole Harsh at  Thank you all!!   
Remember, with 52 weeks of Quick News, and 3 - 4 photos per issue, it means we need between 150 to over 200 new photos every year!  Why can't some of those be yours?    
"Portable Piety" - Jeff Moredock  
I carry my religion  
Wherever I go
On Sunday
I fast
On Monday
I slow
On Tuesday
I lift my eyes up to heaven
On Wednesday I snack
On bread that's unleavened
On Thursday I pray only to God
On Friday of course
I eat only cod
On Saturday then
I dive deep into sin
So when Sunday comes
I can fast once again
Prayers of the People   
Please remember to send your additions to this list to Katharine Preston by Wednesday evening of each week.   
We pray for those within our community known only to you who are challenged by a serious illness. We send our special prayers to Bob Harsh, undergoing surgery on Tuesday.  And for Pat Lindsay; Ed Smith; Carol Calhoun's daughter Sarah and her step-daughter Celia; Scottie's friend, Carol; Christopher Whalen; Jerry Macey; Sally Johnson; Matt Looby; Rob Close; Ed; Jill; Vivian; Judith Moore; Dottie Hall Swinehart; Helene Gray; and others known to us....  

HOLY DAY -  St. Francis of Assisi 
Of all the saints, Francis is the most popular and admired, but probably the least imitated; few have attained his total identification with the poverty and suffering of Christ.  Francis left few writings.   
Let us pray:  Most High and Good Lord, grant your people Grace to renounce the vanity of this world and follow the way of the Blessed Francis.   May we love and delight in your whole Creation with perfect Joy!  We ask for this in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen. 
First lesson:  Galatians 6: 14 - 18 
Psalm:  121 
Second lesson:  Matthew 11: 25 - 30 

Here are the ways you can reach Father Craig:
Church Phone: 518 - 963 - 7775
Rectory Phone: 518 - 963 - 4657 
Cell Phone: 207 - 595 - 2697 
If you are unable to reach him at the Church, please call the Rectory and speak with someone there or leave a message.   
And please note, the Rectory is always open for emergencies.
Michelle Mauran
Photo by Michelle Mauran 

We look forward to seeing you  
in church at 9:15 a.m.  
this Sunday, October 7th, 2018