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Wednesday, September 12, 2018  
Prayer Retreat Planning Session
Please join us on Monday, September 17th 10am-12:30 as we plan a community ecumenical Prayer Retreat for November.
Refreshments and lunch are provided.
Planning programs are available in Persell Hall or ask Father Craig, Lyn Barrett or Rose Kaszuba for more information.  
If anyone wants to go or needs further information to contact Janice Summers via email  
October 26 and 27, Friday and Saturday Vermont Convention
Please go to the Vermont Diocese website to register for the convention (  The deadline is October 5, 2018.  Registration fee is $30 for Friday only and $55.00 for two days.  Please note -- scholarships are available by speaking with Carole Harsh.
The Vermont Convention will take place at the Burlington Hilton Hotel on October 26 and 27.  We would like to have a good representation from St. John's. For more information see the poster below.
Volunteers Needed
The Hospitality Committee is in need of volunteers to help plan church events such as Christmas Eve dinner, Mother's Day and Father's Day brunches, lunches for the choir boys, etc.   Please speak to Carole Harsh if you would like to serve the church in this way.
A Message From Bishop Love
September 7, 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I met with the clergy of the Diocese of Albany on Thursday, September 6th, to discuss the recently passed General Convention Resolution B012. In order to provide a "safe setting," enabling all the clergy to speak freely without fear of being quoted in the local newspaper, or by other clergy, the meeting was held within the context of an Executive Session. Approximately 130 clergy were able to attend.

I invited the clergy to reflect and share their thoughts regarding B012, particularly as it impacts them individually and their ministry as deacons and priests; the potential impact on their parishes; and the potential impact on the Diocese as a whole. I also asked what they would like to see from the Bishop prior to December 2nd (the first Sunday of Advent and the effective date of all General Convention Resolutions).

Overall, I found the day to be positive and helpful as I continue to discern how I, as the Bishop, will respond to B012 and lead the Diocese in the days to come. A wide variety of diverse thoughts and opinions were offered by the clergy regarding B012.  All were shared in good faith.

As I mentioned in my letter of invitation to the clergy, the purpose of the meeting was NOT for me to issue a proclamation at that time on how B012 will be carried out in the Diocese of Albany, but rather for me to share with them some of my thoughts regarding B012; to clarify my understanding of what it does and doesn't say; and to give me a chance to listen to the thoughts and concerns of the clergy.

Ultimately, as the Bishop, I will make a decision regarding my response to B012 and how it will be dealt with in the Diocese of Albany. That decision will be made thoughtfully and prayerfully and will be openly shared with the whole Diocese prior to December 2nd. 

While, I know there are some who would like me to simply say today what I am going to do, it is not simply a matter of being for or against same-sex marriage. As a result of the complexity of B012, there are a multitude of implications not only for same-sex couples wishing to be married in their home parish, but also for the clergy and parishes involved; for my role and ministry as Bishop; for the Diocese of Albany and its relationship with the wider Anglican Communion and body of Christ. 

Whatever decision I and or the rest of the Church make regarding B012, there will be consequences. There is no escaping that. My ultimate desire as your Bishop, is to be faithful and obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ, discerning not my will, but His will in knowing how best to lead the Diocese of Albany in such a way that He will be glorified and His Church and people be blessed. Please keep me and our Diocese in your prayers.

Faithfully Your Brother in Christ,
     +William H. Love
Bishop of Albany         

Friday Night Supper Club
Please join us this Friday, September 14, at 6 pm for a taste of Italy.  Please bring a beverage, or a salad, and a friend!
Coming Soon!   
October 12 at 5:30pm PIG ROAST !!
Our healing prayer class ended by exploring how we might carry on the healing ministry of Jesus and become a healing community. We first recognized that St. John's is ALREADY a healing community by virtue of: our beautiful weekly worship with Eucharist, our warm welcome of everyone both inside and outside our doors, our morning prayer and evening mediation, our Bible and book studies, our ministry of meal, and our missions that include the Choir Boys, Libros dos Ninos, and Friends of Refugees. All of these things together, and more, make St. John's an environment where true healing can begin.
We also recognize that God may be calling us into intentional prayer for healing and explored these possibilities:
  • Prayer Concern Basket to be prayed over during morning prayer
  • Healing Prayer Team after service
  • Healing Prayer during Eucharistic service
  • Prayer Shawl ministry where knitters pray while they're creating shawls for people with illnesses, in hospitals, etc.
  • Longest Night Service (on or about the winter solstice, Dec. 21) for people who are experiencing illness, loss, grief, depression, or other circumstances where they are having a hard time coping with the celebration of the season.
We invite the congregation to think about these and other possibilities to extend our reach through the Holy Spirit in ministries of healing. Please make your feelings known to a Vestry Member or to Father Craig.  Thank you!  
Prayers of the People  
We pray for those within our community known only to you who are challenged by a serious illness. And for Jerry Macey; Sally Johnson; Matt Looby; Dave Martin; Rob Close; Ed; Jill; Vivian; Judith Moore; Dottie Hall Swinehart; Helene Gray; and
others known to us....  

Holy Day -- September 18 - Edward Bouverie Pusey  
Edward Pusey was instrumental in the revival of high church teaching and practices in the Anglican communion, known as the Oxford movement. Born near Oxford, August 22, 1800, Pusey spent all his scholarly life in the University of Regius, professor of Hebrew and as Canon of Christ Church. His most influential activity was his preaching, catholic in content, evangelical in his zeal for souls. He was a defender of orthodox Anglican teachings and practices. Pusey devoted much of his family fortune to the establishment of churches for the poor. Pusey died on September 16, 1882.
Let us pray. Grant, O God, that at all time we may know your presence and follow the example of your servant, Edward Pusey. May we, with integrity and courage accomplish what you give us to do. We ask for this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen  
First lesson: 1 Peter 2: 19-23
Psalm 106: 1-5
Gospel: Matthew 13: 44-52

Here are the ways you can reach Father Craig:
Church Phone: 518 - 963 - 7775
Rectory Phone: 518 - 963 - 4657 
Cell Phone: 207 - 595 - 2697 
If you are unable to reach him at the Church, please call the Rectory and speak with someone there or leave a message.   
And please note, the Rectory is always open for emergencies.
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We look forward to seeing you  
in church at 9:15 a.m.  
this Sunday, September 16th