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Quick Home Organizing Projects- Greatest Hits!

Linda Goldman
Certified Professional Organizer™
Our pandemic liberation
is coming!
Now is the time to complete those organizing projects you wanted to accomplish during quarantine so you’re ready to move forward into your post-Covid life.

During shut down, I posted a series of Quick Organizing Projects with photos and step by step instructions on the Altogether Organized Facebook page. Hopefully, completing one of these projects will help you create more calm and order in your home. Below are some of my follower’s favorites.

Let me know if you’d like any help with these or other projects in your home or office. I’m doing in person (masks on) appointments as well as virtual. Please visit to learn more about all of our available services. Keep staying safe, we’re almost there!

Organize your Linen Closet

  • First, remove all sheets from the linen closet and sort by room (son’s room, guest room, primary bedroom) or by size. (king, queen, full, twin).
  • Consider how many sheet sets you need for each bed in your home and choose the ones you are most likely to use. Eliminate the excess.
  • Next, remove the towels from the linen closet and sort by bathroom in which they are used or by color and size. Eliminate towels that you no longer use or that are not in good condition.
  • Repeat this process for any other items you keep in the linen closet like beach towels, tablecloths and comforters. You may also want to keep toiletries and/or medical supplies in the linen closet which can be contained in bins for a more uniform look.
Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

  • Pull out all the items from under your bathroom sink and sort into categories like products for haircare, skincare, etc. 
  • Separate out the products you use each day and each night from those that are used less frequently. Typically, you’d put those that you use daily in a more accessible area such as in a bin under the sink like you see in one of pictures above.
  • Get rid of any empty containers or products that you won’t use. If any are unopened they may be able to be donated to your community’s food pantry or a shelter.
  • Containers and/or shelf dividers can be very helpful to maximize your space and keep your categories separate. Consider what would work best for you and measure the space before you purchase any organizing supplies.
  • Note: This area can, of course, also be used for items like towels, toilet paper and other bulk supplies.
Organize your Medicines

  • Take out all your medications, ointments and vitamins and put them on a counter top. Remove any that are expired or unwanted and put them in a bag to discard. They should not be flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash so check your town’s website to see where to drop them off for disposal. 
  • Make a list of any products you need to replenish.
  • Separate out the medications you take every day so you can quickly and easily access them. You may also want to use a weekly pill container to keep yourself on track.
  • Group the remaining items by type. For example, you could sort and separate First Aid, cold and allergy medications, children’s medicine, pain relievers, etc. Put each grouping in a container that has sides tall enough to keep the contents from toppling over.
  • Label each container so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. 
  • Note: Most medications should not be kept in a bathroom due to the heat and humidity from showers and instead should be kept in a cool dark location in your home. And of course, they should also be in a secure location out of the reach of children.
Organize your Spices

  • Take out all the spices and arrange them alphabetically on your kitchen counter. Check to make sure each spice is still fresh and make a list of any spices you need to buy.
  • Put any duplicates in a container and store these separately. When you run out of a spice, “shop” this container before you buy. You may also want to store other spices separately like those you use for baking or that you use very infrequently. 
  • Put all the remaining spices back in your kitchen drawer/cabinet or Lazy Susan, alphabetically. If you are storing your spices in a cabinet, using a tiered spice organizer allows you to see the labels more easily.
Organize your Jewelry

There are lots of options for organizing and containing your jewelry.

  • If there are items you wear regularly, it’s helpful to have them separated out from the rest of your jewelry for easy access. 
  • Sort the rest of your jewelry into categories like earrings, bracelets, pins, watches, necklaces, etc. and eliminate any pieces that you won’t wear anymore. You may also want to have categories like, summer jewelry, winter jewelry, evening, pearls, etc.
  • Next, decide how you want to display your jewelry. There are many options — as seen in these photos. If you have the space, using a drawer lined with separate compartments is a great way to see what you have at a glance and keep the items from getting tangled.
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