May 2021
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We'll be sharing information and tips for potential homebuyers on our social media accounts during National Homeownership Month (see article below), and we'd like to share your insight with them!

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#KeepCoolSummer: Celebrating National Homeownership Month
June is National Homeownership Month, and we're celebrating the observance with #KeepCoolSummer.

Throughout the month, we will share homebuying tips, myths, and testimonials from recent homebuyers on our social media to highlight ways potential homebuyers can keep their cool when the mortgage market heats up.

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AND: We’ll also have a Facebook contest at the end of the month, and the right answer could win one lucky winner two cool prizes - a $25 Frios gift card and a $25 Visa gift card. You just need to pay special attention to our #KeepCoolSummer posts. If you're not already following us, click on the icons at the bottom of this email to go directly to our social media accounts.
Miss Our Spring Virtual Homeownership Forum on April 6? Watch the Video(s) Now!
If you've emailed us to ask when we would be releasing the presentations from our Spring Virtual Homeownership Forum on April 6, or if you missed the event altogether, the video presentations can now be found on our website!

We have separated the videos by speaker, so they may be watched according to interest at

If you wish to watch the forum in its entirety, click the video below:
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