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A Note From Our Founder
HI there! If you’re reading this you’re a friend, client, someone I’ve done business with, or a combination of all three. In case you haven't heard, I have some exciting news to share.

Three years ago, I started my own company (With Balance) to help nonprofits and small business execs deepen their understanding of finance. While doing that work, I discovered that many of my clients had technical gaps in the areas of accounting and finance; payroll, bookkeeping, tax support, etc. So, bit by bit we expanded from a coaching consultancy to offer a full range of back office support services .

This summer we ramped up, expanded our team , and prepared for growth. In September we proudly announced our repositioning and rebranding as Blue Fox. With the launch of our foundation and our very own 10% promise, we’ve drawn a line in the sand: we are going to walk the walk.

The journey is just beginning and I hope you’ll join us. It’ll be fun and exciting, nerdtastic and challenging, subtle and yet provocative at the same time. Because that’s what change is, and that’s who we are: change agents helping you agents of change.


PS. Feel free to send me a note or give me a call at (321) 233-3311
The Blue Fox Mission
To disrupt the traditional accounting model through technology, innovation, and a radically client-focused approach that truly empowers nonprofits and social enterprises.  Read more about us.
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#AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Does the start of audit season fill you with a combination of dread and panic?

Did you know that an audit is actually an AMAZING tool?
Ultimately, a clean audit can enhance your organization’s reputation in the community and shine a light on where you can improve.

Unfortunately for auditors, though, clients generally rank an audit right up there with a root canal... It doesn't have to be that way, though!

#ProTip of the Week
Our Favorite FREE Online Tools
QuickBooks Online Pro Tip: Did you know that you can create and save custom financial reports within QuickBooks Online? Check out this post from Intuit for step by step instructions.

If you’re dealing with some personal debt and you want to put together a payoff plan, check out Undebt.it. It's free to use and will show you how fast you can get out of debt based on how much you can pay each month.
 Mark Your Calendars!

December 3 – last date to request a tax planning consultation. Know what you’ll owe! (So we can figure out what we can do to get you to owe less.)

December 17 – If your company needs to file 1099s, please get in touch by this date so we can help you gather the necessary info.

January 15 – Deadline to file 4 th quarter (2018) estimated tax payments

January 31 – 1099 & W-2 filing deadline
A Word From Our Clients
Would you like to talk about your accountant this way?

"Nyaka’s decision to move accounting operations to Blue Fox was likely the best decision we will make this year. The transition was as easy as promised and the quality and timeliness of their work has exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t recommend Chantal and her team more highly. ​I wish everything worked like this."

- Ted Brynn, Chief Financial Officer, Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project,
Lansing, Michigan
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