Being in the food service business, the health, comfort and safety of our clients and guests are always of utmost priority to us. In the midst of the current health crisis as result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have doubled our efforts to ensure our kitchen and warehouse facilities are exceeding standards for cleanliness and sanitization, as directed by the San Mateo County Health Department. To note, all of our employees and everyone who works in food service, are trained and hold food-safety certification, which covers safe handling, serving and strict guidelines for maintaining cleanliness.
Our employees have been instructed to stay home when ill, and whenever possible, are working from home. Due to the nature of our business, our staff regularly washes their hands and follow specific processes for cleanliness. We’ve increased the frequency of these processes and as appropriate, our culinary staff wear masks.
We’ve shifted to our staff personally serving guests, rather than guest self-service. Not only do our staff wear gloves, this also minimizes touching of serving tongs and utensils by guest’s multiple times. We’re packing additional equipment for more frequent change-outs. And, we are working with our clients and venue partners to design more spacious and open floor plans.