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September 2012
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Ha Long Bay  


We have quite a month ahead at Gallery Helios in September, including the first Gallery Helios Symposium.


Starting in September, Gallery Helios will host a quarterly half-day event focused on one topic. Holistic health practitioners from different disciplines will share their expertise in an informative and open venue. We are launching this series in this Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas season with "Your Digestive Health and Nutrition". Join us and discover how digestive health is integral to our overall wellness.


Also on at Gallery Helios are various practitioner certification courses - from Nutripuncture to NLP to Access Bars™.  Or perhaps you are interested in being a Laughter Yoga Leader? For even more connection with your body, Syv's Oneness Flow is definitely something to try. Adam's Friday Kundalini series is also starting 3rd week of September.


Looking for something different? Are you an art-lover? Or more a wine connoisseur? Canvases and Vineyards showcases a Vietnamese contemporary artist and Argentinian boutique wine. 


And here's a sneak peak at one of October's events....Sensory Meditation.




Gallery Helios


Editor's Note 

According to TCM, end of summer runs until about mid September. This season is the Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas which focuses on actioning the desires you connected to and decisions you made during the summer (Heart-Small Intestine). 

Now it's the time to build structure and pave the foundation for deeper self-expression. The body-mind connection is not only about health but overall personal development which reverberates into all areas of life. It's about getting in touch with your inner world so the outer world can reflect the inner peace and happiness.

SymposiumYour Digestive Health & Nutrition
A Symposium

Your Gut and Your Health
"We are what we eat."

Digestive health goes beyond management of symptoms like indigestion, bloating, reflux and heartburn. What and how we eat are also linked to our emotional well-being. 

Join us at Gallery Helios' inaugural quarterly symposium and find out more about taking a holistic approach to your digestive health.

Topics are:
Essential Oils and Your Digestive System
Nutripuncture: Restoring Vitality 
Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition
Digestion Health and Energy Flow
Your Gut and Your Health, with a naturopath.

Your Digestive Health and Nutrition
Date: Saturday 8 September 2012
Time: 1.00 - 6.00pm
Fees: $50

Spaces are limited to 30. 
Please RSVP via email to by Tuesday 4 September 2012.
CanvasCanvases and Vineyards 
Of Art and Wine


Canvases and Vineyards is an event for art- and wine-lovers to mingle and enjoy beauty and la dolce vita.


Vietnamese artist Nguyen Ba Tuan is passionate about his art and will be doing a painting demonstration. Over 30 specially selected works will be exhibited at Gallery Helios. Perhaps one will whisper to your heart.


The sensory exploration continues with Argentinian boutique wines flown in just for this event by Bart De Leeuw whose love is exotic high-quality wines. We are in for a treat with wine tasting from four excellent Argentine boutique wineries. Wine tasting of a Torrontes, two Malbecs and two blends is $20 per person.



Canvases and Vineyards

Date: Saturday 8 September 2012

Time: 7.00 - 10.00pm

Wine tasting: $20 per person

Click here for Details



FullBodyOneness Flow
with Syv Bruzeau          
Come explore your body in an entirely new way. 
Oneness Flow takes you to a place where there is no judgment of right or wrong. Through sounds, vibrations and movements, Syv guides you into immense freedom of expression, to where your body is no longer bound by form.
Oneness Flow is a meditative conversation with yourself, a way to connect within and without. A unique dance that not only increases mobility but also brings greater awareness and physical and emotional healing.

Oneness Flow
Date: Tuesdays in September (4,11,18, 25)
Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm
Facilitator: Syv Bruzeau
Fees: $30 for a drop-in session or $100 for 4 sessions.
email Syv Bruzeau for enquiries or to register at 

Syv Bruzeau has an amazing energy and has the ability to connect with you individually with love and compassion. 
Her sense of humor reminds us of the lightness and joy in life, allowing those who work with her to let go and just experience the sounds and movements. Fully Body Awakening is a wonderful way to reconnect to your body and your inner world.


LyogaCertified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
with Jane Grafton

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary healing therapy. We all know the laughter is medicine but Laughter Yoga is a group body exercise that builds up to contagious laughter, without using jokes or comedy. It combines authentic laughter with yogic breathing for physiological and psychological benefits.

Once certified, you will be able to lead sessions in social clubs, yoga and fitness centers, schools, for seniors and in the corporate workplace.

Date: Saturday & Sunday 15 & 16 September 2012
Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Facilitator: Jane Grafton
Fees: $450

Jane holds regular Laughter Yoga at Gallery Helios. Join her Sunday 16 September for an Open Session ($10) from 2.30 - 3.30pm.
email Jane Grafton to register or for enquiries
NPNutripuncture Practitioner Module 1 

Nutripuncture Singapore

Nutripuncture is an innovative holistic approach that uses a new generation of nutritional supplements, or "informational supplements", consisting of trace element complexes that directly address the body's intelligence to strengthen its vitality and support its self-regulation.


Nutripuncture educational courses provide the theoretical and practical instruments for applying this holistic approach in a simple manner. The fields of application are broad and the courses are open to both health professionals, the general public or anyone wishing to become a therapist.


Nutripuncture Practitioner Module 1

Date: Saturday & Sunday 29 & 30 2012

Time: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Facilitator: Pascale Bernard

Fees: $450 including materials

click here for more details on price packages and early birds


Level 1 Module 2 is scheduled for October 6 & 7 2012.


Please email to register or for more information.


sensorySensory Meditation
with Antoinette Biehlmeier and Claudia Hofmaier

This intensive meditation harnesses therapeutic essential oils to bring everyone into a deeper state,
into which a soothing and expanding tapestry of sound
with Himalayan Singing Bowls opens the door to an uplifting and insightful journey. 
singing bowl
Everyday Oils

The evening ends with a stimulation of the taste buds to round up the sensory experience.

Sensory Meditation
Date: Tuesday 2 October 2012
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm
Fees: $25
Facilitators: Antoinette Biehlmeier and Claudia Hofmaier

email either Antoinette or Claudia for enquiries or registration at or

What's On 

in September


Courses and Events 




4 - 25 September

Oneness Flow




21 September - 23 November

Kundalini Yoga



8 September




8 September

Canvases and Vineyards



9 September

 Access BARS™



10 & 24 September

The Work of Byron Katie



13 September

 Essential Oil Discovery 



15 & 16 September

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training



16 September 

Laughter Yoga Open Session



21 - 23 September

NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification



28 - 30 September

NLP Practitioner Coach Certification



29 & 30 September

Nutripuncture Practitioner Module 1


sneak peak: 

2 October

Sensory Meditation



Click links to register or call us to learn more.  

BarsLiving Life with Joy, Ease & Glory 
Access BARS™ 
with Sandra Tonkinson


Have you heard "Change the Thought, Change your Life"?


Have you found changing your beliefs just a tad challenging?


Access Bars™ is a great way to dissipate beliefs, thoughts, ideas and attitudes that may be preventing a greater reality from showing up in your life.


If you want to work on releasing limitations in areas such as money, creativity and aging, and bringing in more joy, peace and awareness, then come join in for a fun afternoon that could be the beginning of something different in your life.


The Bars™ are 32 points on the head that, when gently touched, can release a multitude of beliefs. By running energy through them, we can release the electromagnetic charge, which makes them sticky.  


This is a safe, non-invasive, and easy-to-do modality that you can gift immediately to your friends, family and clients.  


A Bars™ session is very relaxing and regular sessions can have dramatic effects, including pregnant women reporting easier and shorter labour!


The workshop is dynamic and includes hands-on - gifting and receiving of full Bars™ sessions - twice, so you can use it right away with confidence. You will also learn a powerful clearing statement to start shifting the energy in your life.



Access BARS™
Dates: Sunday 9 September 2012
Time: 10.30am - 6.30pm
Facilitator: Sandra Tonkinson
Fees: $250 including a manual ($125 for repeats within the year; 50% for 16-18 and free for under 16)
click here for more details

email Sandra for enquiries or registration at      

Sandra Tonkinson is a holistic health practitioner who works with both people and animals. She is also a freelance writer and maintains several blogs about wellness and positivism.
EOEssential Oil Discovery
with Claudia Hofmaier



Essential oils have been known for centuries for their uplifting, calming, immune boosting and healing qualities. 


Join Claudia in a hands-on workshop to find out how easy and enjoyable it is to use essential oils as part of your holistic approach to wellness. 

Young Living Essential Oils


Essential Oil Discovery

Date: Thursday 13 September 2012

Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm

Facilitator: Claudia Hofmaier

Fees: $10

click here for more details


For more information or register please email or sms Claudia at or at 9759 8675


Claudia has been using essential oils for many years. She is a certified Massage Therapist (ITEC) and has taken the CARE training through the Centre of Aromatherapy and Education in the USA, including Chemistry of Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy Training. She is very passionate about the usage of essential oils as she has experiences the effects first hand.


NLPNLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
with Simon Wong 


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a potent mind and behavior change tool. A pragmatic discipline, it is useful for management, sales, psychology, sports coaching, and all forms of personal development to unlock the structure of human perceptions and communications. 


The certification course is a rigorous 12-day training program to equip you to become a highly effective coach. NLP has been renowned for training people as "Agent of Change" for the past 30 years. 


This program includes both Classic Code and New Code, which is the latest development with powerful and easy-to-use processes.


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification 

Weekend+ Format

Dates: 4 weeks starting 21 - 23 September 2012, ending 19 - 21 October 2012.

Facilitator: Simon Wong

Fees: $4000

Next intake: November/December 2012


click here for more details



Quote of the Month 





The moment all our senses converge, 

the experience becomes rich and fulfilling.


We are in the moment, 

from which we can dive 

beneath the surface of this reality, 

into the deeper realms of inner quietness

(Sensory Meditation)



Who is Who at Gallery Helios? 
Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers

Siewfan Wong
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, DeepDive Coaching, Chios Master Teacher, EFT, Enneagram, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, MBA

Antoinette Biehlmeier 
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Regression Therapy, Nutripuncture, Dorn Method, NAET, InnerDynamics & InnerTune Therapy, NLP Coach

Simon Wong 
Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Cert. NLP and NLP New Code Trainer (ITANLP). Master Trainer and Facilitator (NLP University), MBA Strategic Marketing

Ho Kah Keh  Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Leadership development, Performing Arts, Branding

Anthea Lim
Rolfing Structural Integration´┐Ż, NLP Coach

Claudia Hofmaier
Indigo Quantum Biofeedback  & Raindrop Therapy, ITEC, CARE, QCE, Mind Energy Coach 

Mukhtiar Singh 
Homeopathy, LIFE System´┐Ż Biofeedback, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Earth Holographic Crystal Therapy, Dorn Method

Dr. Modh Rashidinz PhD, ND
Naturopathy, Traditional Malay Medicine, Manipulative Therapies

Sandra Tonkinson
Writer, Editor, Photographer, Practitioner

Visiting Practitioners, Instructors and Teachers

Jane Grafton
 - Laughter Yoga facilitator

Adam Fazlur - Kundalini Yoga facilitator

Pascale Bernard - Nutripuncture Instructor

Sandra Tonkinson - Access Bars™ Practitioner

Syv Bruzeau - Moving Resonance and Oneness Flow teacher



Gallery Helios 

Centre for the Art of Mind  Body Wellness 
38 Petain Road, Singapore 208103

Tel:+65 6396 0906 




A space to kick off your designer shoes, walk barefoot on timber floors, smell the coffee, and unmask.... so that you can prepare to be at the highest expression of who you are....

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