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´╗┐Special update on winter waste setout

Winter has arrived in Waterloo Region and along with all the snow, are some collection issues. So we're reaching out to help.

With proper setout, we all win:

  • Recyclables are collected and diverted from our local landfill.
  • Litter is minimized.
  • Crews can collect items safely and efficiently.

How to make it 100 per cent successful

  1. Set out items at ground level on the right-hand side of your driveway
  2. Use dark-coloured garbage bags.
  3. Set out items by 7 a.m. on your collection day, especially if it's going to be a snowy, stormy night. Items that have been plowed in/covered with snow and are frozen to the ground can't be collected.
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What we're seeing at the curb: what not to do

Incorrect placement 2022-02.jpg

Do not set out waste on top of snowbanks. Collection crews cannot safely access these items.

snowbank setout issue 2022.jpg
Set out on sidewalk side 2022-02-03 .jpg

Do not set out on the wrong side of snowbanks. Items need to be set out along the road, not the sidewalk.

Setting out on top of snowbanks can create litter. For instance, blue boxes can slide off and spill all over your driveway.

The white garbage bag to the right is hard to see in the snow, plus it was stickered since it was over the limit.

waste buried under snow 2022.jpg

Where's the waste? Under a lot of snow! Collection crews can't collect what they can't see.

Collection updates and alerts

Learn about garbage limits

How to deal with liquids so your green bin doesn't freeze

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