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June 14, 2019
Housing First makes housing last.
2019 Summer Water Drive
“102 in the shade”

Every Texan knows exactly what that feels like.

Now imagine you have no escape from the heat, no A/C, no cool home to go to. Imagine being out in it all day. Sleeping in it. Only to wake up in it again. Day after day. Night after night. All summer long.

For those in our community without homes, this is not imaginary. It is everyday life.

Learn more about how you can help our neighbors without homes this summer by donating water and other supplies, or by hosting a fundraiser of your own!
Get a Peek at our New Offices!
The time has finally come!

The DRC's new office space, which we are calling "The Loft," is ready for visitors, and we'd love to show you around.

When: Tuesday, June 25
What Time: Come and go between 4 and 7pm
Where: 1212 East Lancaster, 2nd Floor (in the Cheyenne Construction Building) ( MAP)

Please RSVP to:
Liesl Manone
by Friday, June 21
so we can ensure we have enough refreshments!
Bringing Home Baby
from Dylan w., DRC Case Manager

What would you do if you had nowhere to go, but you had a baby on the way?

We first met Samantha when she arrived at the City of Fort Worth overflow shelter, tired, scared, alone, and pregnant. Samantha didn't have a home to go to, and she faced the uncertain future of bringing her baby into the world straight to the streets.

DRC staff worked with Samantha to get her into a women's shelter, but we knew that was just a temporary solution. What Samantha and her child needed, and deserved, was a real home.

Because of your support, I was able to place Samantha into an apartment of her own at the end of February, before the baby arrived.

And last week, Samantha welcomed a happy and healthy baby boy.

Thank you for supporting the DRC and giving this new family a safe, healthy start. You make all the difference!

Join us for lunch
Our Housing First Friday luncheon series continues!

We would love to have you join us on Friday, July 12 (note: actually the second Friday in June) for lunch and discussion of the topic " Practical and Proven Solutions: A look at programs that are successfully changing lives."

Lunch is free, but registration is required.

In Memoriam
by Cindy B., DRC Navigator

Michelle was an apartment manager at the La Colline Apartments, and she was our friend.

Michelle truly had the "Housing First" mentality, and was a prime example of what works with the agency-landlord relationship.

She was always willing to work with the people the DRC serves, treating each person with dignity and respect, and became a true support system for tenants from the DRC. She routinely kept us informed of openings at the complex, partnering with us for over a decade. Even her mom, Linda, became our friend, too.

Michelle passed away last week, and we will miss her smile, warmth, and compassion every day. Goodnight sweet Michelle, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
Need a Speaker?
If your group is looking for a speaker, we've got you covered!

We're happy to visit with your members and share about homelessness in Tarrant County, the Housing First philosophy, and the efforts of the DRC.

To schedule, contact Liesl Manone at lmanone@drc-solutions.org or 817-575-7948.
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