Our UROC Ambassadors have partnered with Mark Cisneros to bring research to a group of students at Alisal High School's Opportunity Program. The Opportunity Program is a branch of the district's alternative education program designed to provide on-depth schooling to a select group of students. We hope to provide these students with a leg up in their respective academic situations by facilitating fundamental, engaging, and hands-ons research. Students will receive a crash course on data collection and data analysis using a portion of the kinesiology research that's been conducted at CSUMB. Afterwards, students will dive deeper into basic botany while exploring art and culture. Students will also get an opportunity to strengthen their presentation skills through vision boards before presenting their own research projects. We hope to spark curiosity in research in higher education or long term careers at a pivotal time in their lives, where they are deciding whether or not to pursue college. By sharing our stories with the students we hope to shed light of the facts and myths about college for minority individuals as well as connect them to the majors themes in CSUMBs research: equity, sustainability, and community.