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Fall in Love with Research!
For the Love of Research <3
Because it is the glue that holds us together here at UROC, we wanted to find out why some of our students fell in love with academic research. With such a rigorous workload, it can be stressful to add undergraduate research into the mix. So why do we do it? It's our passion! We asked our RSCH 301 students, in their 2nd year of the UROC Scholars program, to elaborate on that sentiment by telling us why they chose to pursue research. Here's what they said!
"I fell in love with research because of our shared pursuit of knowledge."

-J. Velasco, Marine Science
"I fell in love with research because I fell in love with wisdom."

-S. Mireles, HCOM

"I fell in love with research because of the power to change and create a more sustainable future for generations to come."

"I fell in love with research because it allows me to completely indulge my curiosity. It made me fall in love with my career."

-M. Gato-Fuentes, Marine Science
"I fell in love with research when I realized my involvement and work could revolutionize the way we see, treat, and understand mental health."

-C. Battersby, Psychology
"I like being able to answer an important question...an almost lingering question. I love having something to work toward."

-E. Beasley, Statistics

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Are Those Wedding Bells We Hear?!

We are so excited to share that recent CSUMB graduate and UROC alumni Megan Salomonson will soon tie the knot with partner Cole Smith! Megan spent her time in UROC working under Dr. James Lindholm. As a skilled diver, she studied the use of drift kelp as a microhabitat for juvenile rockfish. We congratulate her on her engagement and wish her luck in the next stages of her life and career.
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Art, Culture, and Reality
Yazmin is a UROC Researcher and Ambassador. Last year she began a research project entitled “Stories From the Border”, a project that looks at marginalized communities living in the borderlands and the reality of what it is like to live at the border despite the stigma around these communities. Her personal focus on the project was looking at art in relation to border politics and how artists living at the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas voice their political expression through art. This is Yazmin's third and final semester working on the project. Outside of UROC, she is also involved on campus with CSUMB's Literary Arts Magazine In The Ords as Vice President. She also helps with the publication of the magazine. After CSUMB, Yazmin plans to attend graduate school and continue her work in art and border politics.
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*Mentor Spotlight*
Dr. Corin White

Corin is one of the principal staff members here at UROC. She began her love of research during her undergraduate studies at Spelman College, a well known, all girls HBCU in Georgia. She continued her passion for research into graduate school where she obtained her PhD in Biology. Now she shares that passion with UROC as the Curriculum Associate. Corin teaches classes geared toward professional development and academic writing in research. She helps students secure research positions and is a great person to have along during a conference. Thanks for all you do, Corin.
*Student Spotlight*
Cassandra Tice

Cassandra Tice is a 4th biology major with a concentration in ecology and environmental science minor. This is Cassandra's 1st semester in our Researchers program and been working in Dr. Dundore-Arias’s lab researching Pythium wilt in lettuce. She evaluates the sensitivity Pythium wilt has to commercial fungicides to educates lettuce growers on how to prevent and manage the disease. In the future, she would like to work for a government agency like the Department of the Interior or the Department of Agriculture. Recently, Cassandra received a scholarship to attend the USDA Outlook Forum in Arlington, VA, where she can learn more about opportunities in the USDA.  
Events and Resources
Since 2011, students all around the country have recognized and participated in Undergraduate Research Week. During this week of events, all students will have the opportunity to network with student and faculty researchers to get insight into what research looks like at CSUMB.  A full schedule of events and workshops will be available soon but in the meantime, mark you calendars for the Spring Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Spring Showcase which will kick off UGR Week on April 17th. The showcase will display the hard work of researchers across many disciplines and majors in the form of oral presentations, posters presentations, and artwork in various mediums. Come support and learn something new!

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