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December 13, 2018

Setting Up User Access in QuickBooks Online

Hawkins Ash CPAs Adds Location in Mequon, Wisconsin

QuickBooks Connect Roundtable Q&A

Benefits of calling a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
Setting Up User Access in QuickBooks Online
It is important to give the correct access when you are setting up new users in QuickBooks Online (QBO). QBO has multiple user types you can choose:
  • Master Administrator – Typically the person who created the company file, the owner of the company, or accountant.
  • Company Admin – Has access to all areas of the company file. The Master Administrator can also give this user access to the company’s subscriptions and billing information.
  • Accounting Firms – You can allow two accountants or accounting firm personnel to have access to your company file. These two users do not count against your user limit.
  • Standard user – Can have full or limited access based on your selections without admin privileges.
  • Custom user – This user is only available in the Advanced subscription. It allows you to set up more specific access and restrictions to the different areas of QBO.
  • Reports Only - These users have “read only” access to reports. They do not count against your user limit. This option is only available in the Plus subscription.
  • Time Tracking Only – These users can only see time sheets and time reports for themselves. They don’t have access to other areas of the file. They also do not count towards your user limit.

To add a new user:
  • Select the Gear icon at the top
  • Under Your Company, choose Manage Users
  • Select Add user in the upper right
  • Select the type of user they will be. If the user is standard or custom, you will also have to select their access rights by checking or unchecking the various access boxes, then select next.
  • Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address. Then select Save.
Contact: Becky Doyle , CPP, Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
Direct: 920.337.4524
Email: bdoyle@hawkinsashcpas.com
Hawkins Ash CPAs Adds Location in Mequon, Wisconsin
Hawkins Ash CPAs, a full-service regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm, announces that the Mequon office of Anderson, Tackman & Company, PLC and its partners Jeffrey W. Knorr, CPA and Daniel R. Moriarty, CPA will be joining them. This allows Hawkins Ash CPAs to expand its presence into southeastern, Wisconsin. The merger is effective December 1, 2018.

Since 1956, Hawkins Ash CPAs has been providing expertise in audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services to a wide variety of sectors, including individuals, privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, credit unions and housing authorities. Hawkins Ash is now a $19.5 million firm that aims to rank in the top 200 in a field of over 44,000 accounting firms in the nation. With the addition of the Mequon accounting practice, it now has six offices in Wisconsin, three offices in Minnesota, 18 partners, and over 130 professionals serving clients throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and the entire United States.
QuickBooks Connect Roundtable Q&A
In September, Hawkins Ash CPAs held a QuickBooks Roundtable webinar. This article contains questions asked by participates pertaining to accounts receivable, as well as the answers that were provided.

Is there a way to dump a statement into a download instead of always printing? Yes. When you select print, click on the dropdown arrow next to the printer and select Adobe PDF. This will open a file for you. Select the appropriate location you want it downloaded to, name the file, and select print.

What is the best way to match deposits to accounts? I have had QB match bank deposits to the wrong account. Under Edit, select Preferences. On the left, click on Payments and then the Company Preferences tab. Unchecking “Automatically apply payments” will help in this situation.

How do I template an invoice we send out monthly? There are two ways to accomplish this. Depending on what you need will depend on which method to use:
  1. When you are in the Create invoices window, create the recurring invoice on your screen, then click on Memorize at the top. In the How Often dropdown menu, choose Monthly. Click OK.  
  2. Back in the invoice, in the upper right corner, click on Create a Batch. In the Batch Invoice window, choose all the customers who should receive this invoice, and click Add. By holding down the Shift key, multiple customers can be selected at one time. In the upper right corner, a name can be added to describe this group of customers. Click Next. The date can be set, and the appropriate invoice template can be selected. Once this is determined, the items and quantities of each can be selected. Click Next. QuickBooks will then generate the invoice needed for all the selected customers. Click Create Invoices to finish the process.

How do you get in the back of QuickBooks to adjust pricing? In the Item List, click on Activities at the bottom of the window. There is an Activities dropdown menu – choose Change Item Prices. Choose the appropriate Item Type from the dropdown. Check the item that needs updating and enter the new price in the New Price column. There is also the option to select multiple items and adjust the price by an amount or a percentage. Just complete the fields in the lower part of the window. Click OK and everything should be updated. 

We have the recorded sessions that focus on Accounts Receivable and Year-End posted on our website. Click below to listen to these interactive educational sessions.
Contact: Jodi Burton
Direct: 920.337.4531
Email: jburton@hawkinsashcpas.com
Benefits of calling a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
By calling a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor you know you will be getting the most qualified person to help answer your questions. To become “Certified” we must prepare for and take an exam through QuickBooks. We also must pass each section of the exam with a score of at least 80%. During the preparation process we learn about QuickBooks special transactions, advanced features, advanced reporting, and problem solving. If, with all of our training and experience, we are still not able to answer your questions, we have access to experts at QuickBooks with U.S.-based phone support. Solving our clients’ QuickBooks problems is our #1 goal!
Contact: Debbie Denny, Tax Manager, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Direct: 920.337.4558
Email: ddenny@hawkinsashcpas.com
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