April 3, 2017
Parliamentary Law Study Certificates
  Members who have completed 20 hours or more of study during the past year will be presented certificates at the CFWC convention.
  If you have members who qualify for this, please forward their names to me as soon as possible. 
  Thank you,
Joyce Opjorden
Extended Deadline for 2017 CFWC Convention Program Ads.
If you have not yet sent your check and art work for a convention program ad -  it's not too late!   The deadline has been extended to April 15th.   
 Email camera ready art work to Kay Winnert 
Checks should be sent to Convention Treasurer -  Barbara Chavez.
Jennie June Applications from clubs with a Nominee for this Award are due to me by April 1, 2017.  If you are having a problem or have questions call or email me for further instruction.  The Application is at the bottom of the Quick Byte page in Thumbnail format, which means you just put your curser on it and click...it takes you right to the document!
(Don't tell Pam - we've moved it for this issue!)       Here's the Jennie June Application
~Pam Ament~
CFWC 2nd Vice President, Membership
From the GFWC Bylaws:
ARTICLE VIII Conventions
Section 8.2 Voting members:
Two from each Woman's Club, Junior Woman's Club, or Juniorette Club of 20 or more members; one additional delegate or alternate for each additional 10 members or major fraction thereof.
State officers: President, 1st and 2nd VP, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, State Federation Chairmen corresponding to appointees to the GFWC Community Service Programs, GFWC Signature Project, GFWC Juniors' Special Project, Communication and Public Relations, Fundraising and Development, Leadership, Legislation/Public Policy, Membership and the Women's History and Resource Center.
Section 8.3 Voting Members.  Delegates shall pay registration fees for the entire convention to be entitled to vote.

From the CFWC bylaws:
Section 12.2 Representation.  Voting Body:
A.     CFWC Membership
  1. CFWC Officers, elected and appointed,
  2. District Presidents or President's alternate,
  3. District First Vice Presidents/Presidents-elect or Alternate,
  4. Past State Presidents,
  5. Chairmen of Community Service Programs, Special Appointments and Administration,
  6. Chairmen and members of Standing and Special Committees, including Committee Members when they are officially engaged in fulfilling their duties,
  7. Club Presidents or their alternates,
  8. Club delegate or alternate for each twenty or less members; one additional Delegate or Alternate, for each additional ten members or major fraction thereof,
  9. Juniorette Clubs-one delegate,
  10. Affiliate Clubs-one delegate.
Joyce Opjorden
CFWC Parliamentarian
The March edition of the CFWC Women's History Newsletter has three interesting articles.  Read about:  "Firstie" Hannah Milhous Nixon, Yorba Linda Woman's Club; LaVerne-San Dimas Junior Woman's Club Community Improvement Project; and Mrs. Oliver P. Clark, Past President of the Friday Morning Club of Los Angeles and her work with mentally ill women in the 1920's.     Click Here to view the March Edition
Kim Plater,
CFWC Women's History and Resource Center Chairman
March Women's History Month Calendar
C F W C    114th Annual Convention
Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa
May 18-20, 2017

Come  "Into The Woods" with us !!

Registration/Meals    April 19, 2017
Room Reservations      April 19, 2017
(all details are included in the CALL pages 4 and 5)

The correct URL for hotel on page 5 of the call is:  http://group.hilton.com/californiafederationofwomenmay
Telephone number for hotel should be:  1-800-HILTONS

Please watch for the "Convention Special QuickBytes"issues
which contain updates,  scheduling,  speakers,  and other details !

From CFWC President Toby Kahan,  

  This month's Digest focuses on bills CFWC is working on designed to improve the delivery of mental health care.  Mental health issues have long carried a stigma which is only now starting to change as people gain greater understanding about the causes and treatment of mental health.  GFWC has been on the forefront with Resolutions seeking to look at mental health the same way we look at physical health and provide parity in the treatment to ensure the well being of all citizens.                                                                 
Thank you for all you do!  
Jennifer Nickel
CFWC Legislation & Public Policy Chairman

More from our Legislation Chairman
Make plans now to attend the Mount St. Mary's "Ready to Run" Workshop on April 8, 2017. ReadyToRun brings together political leaders and campaign professionals to provide education, training and mentoring to women who are interested in learning how to run for political office, work on a campaign or get involved in public service.  Cost is $100 to attend.  Register now at https://www.msmu.edu/r2r/

It's Monday again!!
ACTION IS NEEDED BY YOU NOW! ~L&PP Pilot Project Bill AB 41 DNA Evidence  appears it will be ordered to the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File.  We need CFWC member commitment to move it out of the Suspense file and along the process to becoming law.  We need members to make a commitment EVERY MONDAY to contact Assembly Appropriations Committee Chairman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and tell her to pass AB 41 so that California's rape victims can receive justice.  The bill would require law enforcement agencies and DNA labs to report every 120 days a rape kit goes unprocessed.  This allows law enforcement agencies and DNA labs to be held accountable for this evidence by helping law makers determine if problems exist in leadership  or funding in order to help solve rapes in this State.  Please make a commitment EVERY MONDAY until further notice to telephone or mail Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and ask her to stand with CFWC in passing AB 41 DNA Evidence.  Don't wait!  Contact her NOW!  Keep calling!  She can be reached at:
Assemblywoman Gonzalez Fletche r
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0080
Phone number: (916) 319-2080
Sign up today for the GFWC Legislative Action Center at www.gfwc.org!
It's Our Time to Shine: 2017 GFWC Annual Convention at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa from June 23-26

Here are some FEDERATION reasons why you should go to the GFWC Convention 

The GFWC Room Block at the JW Marriott will open March 1. The best way to reserve a room is online at https://aws.passkey.com/e/15882702. You may also call for reservations at 760-341-2211. 
Prefer to not register for GFWC Convention online?
Here are copies of the 3-17-17 updated Convention Information and the Registration Form from GFWC  Just complete them and send them with your check.   We hope that lots and lots of our CFWC members will be attending to show the GFWC attendees what a great state federation we have !
                                   GFWC Registration PDF          GFWC Registration Word  
Register  online for GFWC Convention in Palm Desert, CA


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If you need to order Federation materials, please contact Carrie Stafford Promotional sales chairman directly      carriestafford@cox.net 
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2016-2018 GFWC Club Manual
The GFWC Club Manual is frequently altered to reflect the most up-to-date information available. This week an updated version of the Statistical & Award Entry Forms were added to gfwc.org. Click here to download the new information. 

Just a thought ---
"Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait 
The truth is, there are only two things in life: 
Reasons and results ... and reasons simply don't count."
- Robert Anthony