It's time for our show, Quietude, featuring the work of photographers Max Kellenberger, Jacqueline Walters and Ewa Monika Zebrowski, to end this Saturday.  That means you only have three days to see this show. 


Come on in, enjoy the wonderful imagery and see if you agree with the consensus that the show's small, subtle yet sophisticated images are a welcome contrast to the tendency for large, vividly colored photos so in vogue at the moment.


The show includes work from two of Max's series Was im Licht erscheint-What Appears in the Light and Feld und Flur-Field and Meadow; Jacqueline's Poetics of the Landscape and Ewa's Finding Wyeth. While the work by the three artists differs significantly in style and execution, the unifying element for the show is a sense of stillness in all their images.


Max, who is a self-taught photographer, describes his work "as drawing with light ... a way to be and to experience what is. My work is as diverse as life itself." Though diverse, there is a thread connecting Max's images that creates a visual poetry.



Jacqueline explains her vision for Poetics of the Landscape, by saying in autumn "the trees, having shed their leaves, become graceful silhouettes. And roads, no longer hidden by summer leaves, become elegant lines and curves appearing in the distance to entwine with streams and rivers."




Ewa's series Finding Wyeth "reflects the history, beauty and fragility of the Olson House in Cushing, Maine, the house where the iconic American painter, Andrew Wyeth, spent thirty years (1939-1968) sketching, drawing, and painting."



We look forward to your next visit to the gallery.


                                                      Liz and Jan


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